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Come and Find Out How We Make Our Videos

It's Internet Week Europe next month and we're hosting the VICE Video Panel at The Old Blue Last.
October 24, 2013, 5:01pm

It's Internet Week Europe next month. And the reason that's capitalised is because it's an actual week-long event celebrating the European internet industry and community, not just another seven days of Portuguese Vine compilations and people in Cologne crying towards webcams.

This year's calendar is full of amazing events and features a couple that we'll be playing a part in. First, our editor-in-chief Alex Miller will be talking at the kick off event at London's Google campus on Monday the 11th of November. Second, we've been asked to host an event to talk about all the stuff we've been doing online for the past couple of years.

That's going to take place at our pub, The Old Blue Last, and will be led by our heads of video, news and editorial. They'll touch on a bunch of stuff involving both VICE and the internet, like sourcing stories and shooting documentaries, and why young people care more about news than ever but couldn't give less of a shit about old news sources.

If you want to hear about that and what they think about a load of other internet-related stuff, make sure you sign up here soon because places are limited.