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The Listen Closely Issue

Meet the People Who Put Together the June Issue of VICE Magazine

These legends wrote about forced sterilisation, photographed refugees camps, and listened to sad punk albums—all for the June issue of VICE.

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Emma Beals

Emma Beals is a journalist and producer focused on the rise of ISIS and conflicts in Syria and Iraq. She has reported from Turkey, Iraq, and Lebanon, and has traveled into rebel-held Syria. She has written for global publications and produced TV news and documentaries for the BBC, VICE, and others. She was a reporting fellow for the International Women's Media Fund, and serves on the elected board of representatives for Frontline Freelance Register, which strives to improve safety for freelance journalists working in conflict zones.



Issy Beech

Issy Beech has just joined VICE as the editor of THUMP in Australia and New Zealand—that's channel where we talk about electronic music, drugs and raves. She's well qualified for the job. DJ by night, writer by day, Issy's work has appeared in Oyster and the Lifted Brow. Before finding a desk in our office, she spent a few years writing full time at the Thousands. Expect to see more from her this year on THUMP as she unearths lost vinyls, discusses club ethics and shares internet obscurities.


Elliot Ross

Our cover photographer, Elliot Ross, hails from rural Colorado, but he has since traveled across the globe to document men and women in geographic isolation. For previous projects, he has gone to a remote mining township in the Australian Outback, rural farming communities in the American West, and villages in southeast Haiti. One of his most recent trips took him to the Greek islands, where he photographed the plight of refugees arriving there, a selection of which we feature in this issue.


R. W. McMorrow

As a Fulbright scholar in China, R. W. McMorrow worked and lived in a helmet factory, and wrote about it for Harper's. He has planted six mu of rice on the North China Plain and written about a village fighting off demolition for six years running and the secret route to being in the Communist Party of China. He's proudest of his mental maps of Chinese cities, which track non-squatter toilets and the best kung pao chicken. With a feature in this issue, he plans to smuggle stacks of VICE magazine into China to evade online censors.