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What Racist Stuff Is in Your Head?

We asked some New Yorkers about stereotypes, and everybody started talking about dicks.

No one admits to being racist, but nearly everyone has some traces of prejudice somewhere inside them. When a white basketball player dunks, it seems natural to yell out something like, “Whooo, white boy got hops!” but you’d never, ever say, “Man, that black guy can dunk!” And when you see a white guy in a tracksuit, what’s your first thought? It’s that he’s Russian, right? Fucking racist. We went out and asked people what some of the stereotypes they had heard of were.


Patrick: I guess, like, black people are lazy. Asians can’t drive. Some of these are ridiculous, let me list some ridiculous ones. Black people can’t swim. That’s three. Is that good enough?

What about Hispanic or white people?
White people like classical music, but they don’t really. Spanish people, they’re also lazy, supposedly.

Which is the hard-working race?
I guess Asians have the hard-working thing going on.

Any others?
Americans are fat. The French are snobby.

Where do stereotypes come from?
I think it’s from a few bad apples, and then, since people might not be exposed to a certain type of people a lot they assume so much because of one person they meet.

Brett: Asian women all have beautiful skin. White people like country music. Black people all love hip hop. Black men have huge penises. Asian men have small penises. Italian men are all hairy.

Fabian: When you mean stereotypes, you mean like Puerto Ricans eating beans? Yeah, or white people are boring. Like I said, Puerto Ricans like salsa, merengue—that type of music. Black men only like hip hop music, which might not be true. They like all types of music.

Do you think any stereotypes are true?
Just because I’m a Puerto Rican, just because I like Spanish music, whether it be salsa or merengue, it doesn’t mean I’m only into that. Me in particular, If I hear somebody playing jazz or blues or even orchestra music I’ll listen to it and I’ll enjoy it. A lot of Puerto Ricans do the same thing. All people do the same things.


Dan: Black people are lazy. Black people are bad people, in terms of crime. Arabs are unloyal to this country even if they are citizens. Spanish people? Dirty.

Is there a stereotype for white people?
Well I think if you’re a minority group and you’re looking at a white person, you kind of think that they’re self-centered, out for themselves, and they look down upon anyone who’s not a Caucasian.

John: People with southern accents are racist and they’re stupid and rednecks. I think that’s one thing that we hear of. I mean, that’s the first one that comes to mind.

Where do you think stereotypes come from?
It’s hard to say. Conditioning? Society? Somehow we’ve been led to believe this stuff whether it’s true or not. It could come from our parents as well.

Do you think stereotypes are true?
I don’t know. I think some people find it easier to live life as a stereotype than an individual, so they’re looking to buy into it. I would say sure, there might be some truth to it.

Nicholas: Racial stereotypes? Asians? Blacks?

Jew people.

What are things associated with them?
Jews are people with money. They don’t share the money too much. They keep money within. They are a very closed society. African Americans are lower class people and do hard work. And Asians are dirty. Go to  Chinatown, it’s just crazy people.

What about Hispanic people?
I don’t know too much about them. It’s kind of hard because I’m from Argentina, so it’s kind of hard for me to say. We are hard workers.

James: Asians are really smart. White people can’t dance and can’t jump. Black people don’t play hockey. Asians have small penises, black people have big ones. I’m sure there’s more. That’s all I can think of off the top of my head.

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