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Stop by Molly Goddard's Awkward London Fashion Week Prom Party

In lieu of a presentation, because they're awkward in a horrible way.

This summer, Molly Goddard decided to drop out of her Central Saint Martins MA after the untimely death of Professor Louise Wilson, who was a massive inspiration to her. Now, she’s chosen to go it alone with her first solo presentation at London Fashion Week. Although, really, it’s less of a presentation and more of a celebratory school disco in a church.

Molly wanted a church hall, and somehow she’s ended up with an 18th-century Anglican church garden in Mayfair, which she’s decorated with brown and pink balloons, and fake white roses entwined in the architecture. Inside there are portraits of old vicars on the walls and a Portuguese wedding singer, Fred Castro, pouring his heart into “Lady In Red” and other party classics.


“I didn’t want to have a standard presentation, as they're kind of awkward,” explains Molly in the garden. “And I suppose I wanted this to be awkward, too, but more in the sense of my friends at a school disco. I wanted to have all my friends wearing my dresses because that’s how I hope my dresses would be worn.”

All of Molly’s 21 models are her friends and family—including her younger sister Alice, who also styles the show—and they’re enjoying the party along with everyone else, dressed in purposefully ill-fitting prom dresses of coloured tulle. There are bowls of homemade rum punch and boxes of those tiny bottles of cheap supermarket beer that you get irresponsible adults to buy for you when you’re too young to drink.

Towards the end of the night I ask one of the models, Moffy—dubbed the "world’s first cross-eyed model" since starring on the cover of Pop last summer—what it was like to appear in the presentation.

“I’ve been hiding from everyone in the corner and enjoying the punch,” she says. “I’m just a bit shy. I’m wearing a baby-doll, petticoat kind of thing and you can almost see my knickers."

Not everyone’s so shy, though. Other party-goers are dancing—one so drunkenly that she has to leave—and others are flirting very, very intensely. Molly's got her wish: it's the closest thing to a teenage disco you can get in a Mayfair churchyard.

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