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The Lady Who Sits Next to Kim Davis Does Not Appreciate the Parody Twitter Account Based on Her

She doesn't seem to like bad words.

The national media has been laser-focused on the office where Kim Davis, Kentucky's most famous gay marriage-opposing County Clerk, works. After heaping scorn on Davis for weeks, the internet apparently got bored, and nominated Melissa Thompson, the Diet Mountain Dew swilling deputy clerk who sits immediately to Davis' right, to be the target of its wrecking ball of hilarity.

Yep, someone made a parody Twitter account. Someone makes a parody twitter account of everything, but apparently Thompson herself has seen this one, and deemed it not good. She confirmed this to Louisville, Kentucky newspaper The Courier-Journal. When they asked her if she thought it was funny, she said "not with that language," and then wouldn't say anything else on the topic.


That means Thompson has now read some or all of these tweets with bad words in them such as "goddamn," "shit," and "fuck":

.— Sitnexto Kim Davis (@nexttokimdavis)September 3, 2015

WE DONT SELL FLOWERS. WE JUST DO LICENSES AND SHIT. — Sitnexto Kim Davis (@nexttokimdavis)September 4, 2015

Everybody just needs to FUCKING LET PPL OFF BEFORE THEY GET ON THE ELEVATOR — Sitnexto Kim Davis (@nexttokimdavis)September 4, 2015

What's the choice that keeps them away from my fucking labor day bbq? — Sitnexto Kim Davis (@nexttokimdavis)September 4, 2015

The parody Twitter account has 72,000 followers and counting, and probably pretty soon, a novelty book deal, and an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel. Congratulations to the person who thought of it!

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