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Some Robbers Tried to Fool a Bank's Alarm System by Wearing Tin Foil Suits

Dressing up like burritos didn't work out very well.

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Two would-be bank robbers in southern Brazil saw their plans foiled Saturday after their DIY aluminum suits failed to trick the bank's security system, CNN reports.

Dressing up like foil-wrapped burritos didn't work out too well—even if it might have fooled the heat-seeking alarm, cameras were watching their every move. The wannabe burglars wound up leaving without any cash.

"They broke down one of the walls and thought the detectors from the alarm would not notice them," a local police spokesperson told CNN. "We found a power drill and other instruments that lead us to believe they were looking to break into the safe. However, they left empty-handed."

The Silver Bandits had apparently fled by the time the cops arrived, but one suspect in the attempted robbery was found in nearby woods and arrested by local police later in the weekend.

Strangely enough, these guys may have been inspired by a previous group of foil bandits—some metallic-wrapped guys managed to rob ATMs around Rio de Janeiro with similar disguises a while back.

Thumbnail image of people who aren't the robbers via Flickr user mjtmail (tiggy)