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Don't Miss the Premiere of Gloria Steinem's 'WOMAN' Tonight on VICELAND

We travel to a sanctuary for sexual assault survivors in the Democratic Republic of Congo tonight on the premiere of Gloria Steinem's 'WOMAN' on VICELAND.

Watch the series trailer for 'WOMAN' above

If you haven't already heard, we recently launched our very own TV channel called VICELAND, packed with shows that tell exciting stories from all over the world.

Tonight on the premiere of WOMAN—the new show from feminist activist and writer Gloria Steinem that investigates issues affecting women around the world today—we travel to the Democratic Republic of Congo where an estimated 400,000 women are raped every year by rival militias looking to gain territory and terrorize communities. VICE meets a woman who created a sanctuary for rape survivors to help them get back on their feet in a society that's rejected them due to the stigma surrounding sexual assault.

Don't miss the WOMAN premiere tonight at 10PM on VICELAND.