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Watch Ted Cruz Cook Bacon on the Barrel of a Machine Gun

If the presidential race doesn't work out for him he could always launch a career as a YouTube star.
August 3, 2015, 3:12pm

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Tea Party heavyweight and 2016 presidential hopeful Ted Cruz already has some solid viral videos under his belt, what with the clip of him reading Dr. Seuss to his daughters during a filibuster and that time he told a three-year-old that the world is on fire, but now he's taking his game to a whole new level. On Monday, the conservative BuzzFeed clone IJReview posted a video of Cruz frying up a slice of bacon the Texas way, which involves wrapping it to the barrel of a machine gun and blasting through a few clips until the meat is cooked to a delicious golden brown. Maybe go back to leading your army of born-again Christians and leave the jokes for somebody else, Ted.