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VICE's Art Editor, Nick Gazin, Is Putting On an Art Show in LA on Friday

Stop by the Mishka LA store Friday night and spend some time with our favorite artist.
July 30, 2015, 4:24pm

By day, Nick Gazin is VICE's intrepid art editor, boldly scouring the world for the best illustrators and artists and enticing them to draw things for us while simultaneously showering the entire editorial staff in kisses and thumb-heavy shoulder massages. At night, he designs album art for Run the Jewels and Wavves and is something of a hotshit celebrity.

Nick's in California right now, which means our shoulders are tight and our cheeks are unkissed—but it also means that people in Los Angeles can go meet Nick on Friday night at Mishka's LA store and check out his new art show, Demented Brain in Constant Pain.


Nick will be selling a collection of his latest drawings, along with a super limited-edition shirt from Mishka made especially for the show. He'll do sketches for anyone who buys a shirt and will also customize copies of his Run the Jewels albums if you bring one by. You'll probably have to buy a few drawings before he'll toss in a shoulder rub, but if you've got a knot then it never hurts to ask.

Here are some sneak peeks from the show:

Demented Brain in Constant Pain opens at 7 PM this Friday, July 31. There will be fewer than 50 shirts for sale, so head to the Mishka store on time to make sure you get one.

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