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Do Kids Like Radiohead?

They think Thom Yorke has no friends and wants to take their toothbrushes away.

Most adults are too wrapped up in their busy, busy lives to work out if the things that they like are actually good. Maybe that's how Radiohead managed to spend two decades and counting making loadsa money out of isolation and depression. Or maybe that's what makes them really great? I don't fucking know, I'm an adult too.

But kids do know what's up. So, to end the disarray we asked a bunch of them to explain to us exactly what we were hearing on one of Radiohead's more celebrated tracks, “Paranoid Android”. Kids have a knack for cutting through the cookie dough, which is why this piece of video will likely go down as a turning point in British guitar music history not unequal to John Lennon being condescending to Paul McCartney for the first time, back whenever that was.

You can watch the kids talk about how Thom Yorke is a lonely man who wants to take their toothbrush away in the player above, or over on the Noisey YouTube channel.

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