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Hillary Clinton Leads the Popular Vote by 2.5 Million

Her lead is now five times the one Al Gore held over George W. Bush in 2000.

As of this week, Hillary Clinton now leads Donald Trump in the popular vote by a record breaking 2.5 million votes, the New York Times reports.

Even though Trump won the Electoral College with 306 votes over Clinton's 232, her lead in popular vote has only continued to grow since November 8 as the numbers continue to trickle in from across the country. Even having lost traditionally blue states, like Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, her almost 2 percent lead over Trump is nearly five times the lead Al Gore held over George W. Bush in 2000.

The fact that more Americans voted for Hillary Clinton than President-elect Donald Trump has some members of the public and politicians questioning the Electoral College process altogether. One petition on received 584,788 signatures to abolish the Electoral College in the wake of the election results, and New York City mayor Bill de Blasio called for reform on Tuesday.

"I, for one, am very focused on this. I hope people are all over the country, because it's inconceivable to me that the will of 2.3 million people has been ignored in this result," de Blasio told CBS. "It doesn't make sense. And it's supposed to be in our constitution: one person, one vote. That's not what happened here."

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