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What's the Worst Investment You've Ever Made?

"An expensive jumpsuit that made me look like a clown."

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Remember when everyone said Beanie Babies were going to go up massively in value and make every owner a millionaire? Well, everyone was wrong. Luckily most of us realised this and never spent extortionate amounts of money on stuffed owls. However, one very optimistic family invested $100,000 into the things, hoping the final pay-off would put their kids through college. Unfortunately, that pay-off never happened, leaving the family completely bankrupt.


With that in mind, we thought we'd go and ask some people about their worst ever investments.

Lyban: I started smoking. How about that?

So your worst investment is cigarettes?
Yeah – look at me, man.

How many are you smoking a day?
About a pack in three days.

That’s not too bad.
Just think about the money that I’ve spent.

Why did you start in the first place?
It was cool, back in the day.

What would you spend that money on now? If you had it all.
Oh man, I would definitely buy a massive house. In certain countries I would be able to buy a massive house, anyway. Actually, nah, I’d probably put in it my pension.

That sound like a sensible investment.

Stuart: In a digital camera.

That sounds like a reasonably good investment.
It wasn’t a good investment. I’m a photographer and I only shoot on film, so it was a waste of money. Or an iPad, actually – I never use it, ever.

Joe: In a car – a BMW

When I sold it I lost loads of money on it.

Was it brand new?
No, it was from an auction. I sold it 'cause the police kept pulling me over – like five times in two months. I went to get fast food once and they were there waiting for me, asking for all my insurance details and license and registration.

Kirsty: Recently I bought quite an expensive jumpsuit that I didn’t try on and it made me look a clown, but I didn’t take it back because it went over the 28 days.

Oh. So you now you still have this jumpsuit constantly reminding you of your bad investment?
Yeah, but I only wear it round the house – I don’t wear it out.


Serra: An electric scooter. It was a very unnecessary investment because we were living on the fifth floor and there was nowhere to park it in the garden, so every time I wanted to use it I had to put it in the elevator, take it up and charge it and then take it back.

Why did you think that was a good idea in the first place?
Because of my brother – he really wanted it, so we made a big fuss to our parents. It was really the worst investment ever.

Yeah, I don’t really get adult scooters.
It was really big. Think about those small child scooters, but on a bigger scale.

Got it.

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