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Rave On Or Rave Off?

Photos by Vito Fun, Styling by Annette Lamothe-Ramos & Jessica Resler
October 1, 2009, 12:00am


lady bunny

as told to

rocco castoro

photos by

vito fun


annette lamothe-ramos


jessica resler

additional styling by

erickatoure aviance


one-half nelson

, and

jeremy xtravaganza


emi kaneko

stylists’ assistants

sarah bassett


victoria beedles

lady bunny

portrait by

imke lass


The fashions of 1994 are elaborate and varied, but to see one look that is surely “right now” and that probably won’t survive much longer, one only has to travel to the all-night dance clubs and raves of New York City. Lady Bunny will undoubtedly be in attendance at all such events. She is a queen with a calling, and she is arguably the final word when it comes to outlandish downtown styles of both life and clothing. Bun-bun, as her dearest friends know her, is on a mission to class up, beautify, and revolutionize everything that is characterless and mundane in New York. Her annual Wigstock festival, which celebrates its tenth anniversary this year, is a fixture of the East Village and the unofficial end-of-summer celebration for the LGBT community. On top of that, her DJ and hostess skills are second to none.


Lady Bunny can frequently be found in the company of club icons like James St. James and Michael Alig. Some might even say she is the de facto den mother of Manhattan’s infamous Club Kids. Therefore it was only appropriate for Vice to ask her take on these photos of eight ravers and posers to see if she can eliminate the wheat from the chaff. Without further ado, here are some of the biggest fashion sins and blessings of nineteen hundred and ninety-four cast through the rainbow prism that is the fabulous Lady Bunny.

Paul Frank bikini top, everything else model’s own

Nike shoes, everything else model’s own

All model’s own

L*Space bikini top, UFO Contemporary Inc. pants, Airwalk shoes, everything else model’s own

Vivienne Westwood dress, everything else model’s own

All model’s own

American Apparel leggings, everything else model’s own

American Apparel socks, DC shoes, Harley Davidson gloves, everything else model’s own