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June 25, 2010, 12:44pm

With fantasies of penetrating what no man has penetrated before, xenophiles have an erotic interest in aliens. The term can also imply a foreign alien—a nationality other than oneself—but it's far more interesting to look at people who want to plow creatures from outer space with tentacles. The Japanese of course have something akin to this with a genre of erotic art called

shokushu goukan

, otherwise known as tentacle sex, which involves all sorts of imaginative tentacle-orifice combinations. One of the earliest was a wood-cut made around 1820 by Japanese artist Hokusai called


The Dream of the Fisherman's Wife

, in which the woman is enjoying a threesome with two octopi, one of which is tonguing her and playing with her nipples while the other appears to be performing cunnilingus. This was a precursor to the horror hentai of the 20th century. With the dawn of the Space Age, reports emerged from all around the world about x-rated encounters of the third kind. One of the first was Antonio Villas Boas in 1957, at the time a 23-year-old Brazilian farmer, who claimed to have been abducted by aliens, stripped naked, and left in a room to be seduced by a she-alien. She was 1.35 metres high, blonde with freckly arms, red pubes, and "a body much more beautiful than any I had ever seen before." He related the encounter like this: "Alone here, with that woman embracing me and giving me clearly to understand what she wanted, I began to get excited." She did not kiss but playfully bit his chin, and later "behaved as any earth woman would have," except at one point their sex was almost ruined by the "growling sounds the woman sometimes made," which made him unpleasantly aware of their interspecies fucking. After doing it twice, she pointed at her belly and then the sky before leaving. He was eventually returned home and then complained of his use by the she-alien. "That was what they wanted of me—a good stallion to improve their own stock." At the height of the

X Files


days, the UFO Evidence Bureau was receiving hundreds of letters a week from men and women who believed they had been abducted and sexually assaulted by aliens with stories of sperm-stealing and anal probes. Much like the

demon-molestation experiences of people in medieval times

, a UFO molestation fantasy can be a product of a misinterpreted sexual dream or sleep paralysis accompanied by hallucinations. Or, of course, aliens might actually be traveling across the universe just to play with your insignificant genitals. These experiences are what a xenophile wanks over. Oh the joy of being forced to board a flying saucer and then abused by a slimy appendage. A fetishist substitutes sex with an object—in this instance the vagina/penis for an alien orifice/organ. Unfortunately for xenophiles, alien sex organs aren't readily available, so they in turn must substitute it for a vagina/penis in the guise of an alien orifice, and behold the birth of alien porn. Here is an example of a plot line from

: "After taking over Planet Pussea, the Trimon Aliens established a military base close to Earth… to capture big boob Galactic Girl Sheila Marie who was delivering important information to the underground Queen of Pussea. The Trimon Aliens were famous for their strong sexuality and huge tentacle-like penises. The kinky alien strapped the big boob babe to a DNA extraction chair and started probing her pussy with an EMP tentacle coming out of his chest. The Sci-Fi warrior Sheila Marie squirted a poisonous liquid out of her pussy, trying to kill the penetrator, but the alien responded with a nasty green cumshot!" You get the idea. And, of course, ever since


, a new breed of xenophile has been born who paint themselves blue and stage Pandora-petting parties.