The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Joe Biden talks running for president in 2020, South Carolina prosecutor wants to retry Michael Slager in Walter Scott case, FBI investigates bombing threat made against LA Metro, and more.
December 6, 2016, 2:30pm

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Biden Suggests He May Run for President in 2020
Vice President Joe Biden seems to be considering a run for president in 2020. "I am going to run in 2020," he told reporters flatly, later clarifying "for president." Questioned further, Biden, who will turn 78 in 2020, cautioned, "I'm not committing to not running. I'm not committing to anything. I learned a long time ago fate has a strange way of intervening."—CNN

Pentagon Conceals Report Recommending Big Cuts
The Pentagon reportedly hid internal documents recommending $125 billion in cuts to wasteful spending on bureaucracy because of concerns Congress would call for budget cuts. Department of Defense officials placed secrecy restrictions on the 2015 report and removed a summary from the department's website.—The Washington Post

South Carolina Prosecutor Wants to Retry Michael Slager
A prosecutor has pledged to retry Michael Slager, the former police officer who killed unarmed black driver Walter Scott, after an initial murder trial was declared a mistrial. A South Carolina jury could not come to a unanimous decision on either murder or manslaughter charges. Prosecuting solicitor Scarlett Wilson said, "We will try Michael Slager again."—VICE News

FBI Investigates Possible Bombing Threat Made Against LA Metro
The FBI is investigating the credibility of a bomb threat made against the Los Angeles metro system. Officials said they received a tip from an unidentified government overseas about a potential attack on the red line Metro in Universal City on Tuesday, made in an anonymous phone call. Police have stepped up security across the system.—Los Angeles Times


Iranian President Says Trump Will Not Stop Nuclear Deal
A defiant President Hassan Rouhani says Iran will not permit US President-elect Donald Trump to "rip up" the nuclear agreement reached in 2015. In a speech at the University of Tehran, Rouhani said, "Do you think we and our nation will let him do that?"—Reuters

India Mourns Film Star Who Became Leading Politician
Indians are mourning J Jayalalitha, a former film star who became chief minister of Tamil Nadu State and died of a heart attack Monday. The government declared Tuesday a national holiday and Prime Minister Narendra Modi was set to attend the funeral.—BBC News

Syrian Army Controls Almost Two-Thirds of Rebel Eastern Aleppo
Syrian government forces have seized more ground from rebel fighters in eastern Aleppo, leaving almost two-thirds of former rebel territory under army control. Russia and China both vetoed a UN Security Council plan for a seven-day ceasefire, with Russia arguing it would "undermine" bilateral talks between Russia and the US.—Al Jazeera

Mexican Marines Kill 14 Suspects in Shootout
Authorities say 14 people were killed in a shootout with Mexican marines in the State of Veracruz, an area notorious for cartel violence. According to a police statement, gunmen began shooting at a police patrol car in Jesús Carranza, before a backup patrol of marines arrived to assist the cops.—AP


LeBron James Refuses to Stay at Trump-Branded Hotel
LeBron James and several of his Cleveland Cavalier teammates will not stay at the Trump SoHo hotel while playing in New York this week. Cavs general manager David Griffin said plans had been made to accommodate those uncomfortable staying there.—

50 Cent Wins $14.5 Million in Malpractice Suit
Curtis Jackson has been awarded $14.5 million in a malpractice lawsuit against law firm Garvey Schubert Barer, relating to a case involving headphone makers Sleek Audio. The money is expected to go toward 50 Cent's bankruptcy debts.—Forbes

Spaceman Buzz Aldrin Treated by Dr. David Bowie
Buzz Aldrin, the former NASA Apollo astronaut who fell ill on a South Pole expedition, is being cared for in New Zealand by a doctor named David Bowie. "You can't make this stuff up," tweeted Aldrin's manager, Christina Korp.—Reuters

Ottawa Man Charged with Threatening to Bomb Police HQ
A 25-year-old Ottawa man has been charged with threatening to bomb the city's police headquarters. Tevis Gonyou-McLean made the threat in early November while he was under arrest for breaching bail conditions.—VICE News

Anohni Urges President Obama to Release Chelsea Manning
Anohni, best known as the lead singer of Antony and the Johnsons, has shared a video for her song, "Obama," and released a statement pleading with the president to free Chelsea Manning. "Have mercy on her, Obama," Anohni said of the soldier who provided military material to WikiLeaks.—Noisey

NASA Orders Up Satellite-Repairing Robot
NASA is awarding a $127 million contract to private company Space Systems / Loral to build a robot that can repair satellites in orbit. The maiden voyage of the Restore-L robot is set for 2020.—Motherboard