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DJ Shub Is "Indomitable" on His New Song with Northern Cree Singers

The producer's first music video captures the thrill of discovering yourself.

DJ Shub is a major voice in Canada's indigenous electronic music community and his first video has been long overdue. The former Tribe Called Red member's new vid for his single "Indomitable" starts out a bit like the movie Falling Down as it follows an office worker (played by Toronto electronic artist Classic Roots) bored with his daily routine. He eventually reconnects with his Aboriginal roots as Shub's rumbling, slamming production and the powerful vocals and drums of the Northern Cree Singers build in intensity.


"I want Canadians to see that pow wow culture is beautiful in both imagery and spirit," explains DJ Shub. "I also want young Native kids to know that they can find support and happiness in their lives, even if they can't see it right in front of them. That's what the video says to me." Watch the "Indomitable" video below because we all want to transcend our Mondays.

Photo by Ogichidaa Arts.
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