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Here's the Trailer for Our New Film About the Controversial Rise of Blackpool Grime

Noisey: Blackpool, which is hosted by Poet, is going to be screened in full next week.

The last year has seen a huge resurgence in UK grime. However, when a YouTube channel called Blackpool Grime Media started getting a lot of attention earlier this year, it took a lot of people by surprise. For a start, Blackpool is more known for stag and hen parties crawling their way toward the illuminated lights of the pier than it is a breeding ground for young MCs. Then came the videos themselves. View counts, rocketing into the millions. Teenagers, insulting each other. And the backlash, in the form of countless vlog-style commentary videos.


When we discovered the Blackpool grime scene earlier this year, we wrote a piece about it. But as time passed and as we looked deeper into the place, it became clear that the story of the seaside town's scene went beyond teenagers rinsing each other on the internet. It is one with a heart, with hope, a want to be heard. So, deviating away from the likes of Compton, Jamaica, and Chicago, we present Noisey: Blackpool.

The film stars three key players in the Blackpool scene, Little T, Soph Aspin and Afghan Dan. On November 29, we'll be bringing all three down to London venue Kamio to the premiere of the film, where the host of the documentary, Poet, will be hosting a Q&A. The night will also be the first time all three have performed outside Blackpool. Watch the trailer below and click here to sign up to free tickets through Dice.