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If You Listen to Any New Music Today, Let it Be Calvin Johnson’s Album

The K Records founder and DIY indie master has made an album under his pseudonym Selector Dub Narcotic, and we're premiering it here.

Do you ever look around at all your favourite DIY indie bands, your fist raised and shaking at the sky, and ask yourself, “Who is responsible for this madness? Who showed all these people with weird, droll voices and rudimentary instrumental skills that they could form a band and it could be good?” Well, unclench that fist, move your finger into a point, and direct it straight at Calvin Johnson AKA the founder of K Records AKA the co-founder of Beat Happening and a bunch of other bands, and the undisputed prince of twee, lo-fi indie in its modern carnation.


All that stuff aside, 53 years after his birth, and 33 years after his first foray into music, Calvin Johnson has released an album titled This Party Is Just Getting Started under the pseudonym Selector Dub Narcotic. At fourteen tracks long, it’s quite a hefty slice of pie. It’s certainly not a slog to get through, though – rather, it’s the kind of wild, hypnotic, beat-smothered album that would sound best as the soundtrack to a party, or some other situation where you want to feel uplifted, free and giddy as a kid after fanta and skittles.

Listen for yourself below: