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Apologies, I Have None Tackle Masculinity and Mental Health on 'Pharmacie'

At times it bleeds despair; at others, it promises hope.

Photo courtesy of Apologies, I Have None

You know how a few particular bands have the ability to gently caress the most intense feelings out of you with just a few chords? You hit play on the first song and before you know it, you’re staring looking out into the horizon thinking about how much of a bummer life can be, but still taking solace in the fact that someone out there somewhere is feeling the same way?


The latest from London post-punk foursome Apologies, I Have None, Pharmacie challenges the restrictions of masculinity and its effects on mental health without getting overly-emotional or cheesy about it. It’s a little ironic, really, but in a very satisfying way.

"This album was particularly difficult to write and record,” says vocalist and guitarist Josh Mckenzie. “Of the people who have already heard it, most have said it's particularly difficult to listen to. I think they meant it in a good way. You can decide for yourself.”

This is a record about self-reflection, a very mature look into who you are and how your faults have created your situation. At times it bleeds despair; at others, it promises hope.

Pharmacie is out August 26. You can preorder it here.