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Spiderbait Have Asked Fans To Help Track Down a Guy Who Pissed on a Woman At One Of Their Shows

A 'smirking' Spiderbait fan has urinated on woman at a Melbourne concert and the band wants justice.

Image: Ten Network

Yeah, we get it. You love Spiderbait. You really love Spiderbait. So much so, that the thought of missing them play “Old Man Sam” fills you with dread. The same amount of dread as there is urinw in your bladder. But between pre-drinks, the bottle of wine at the Chinese restaurant, and the four pints you smashed during the support acts, you couldn’t find the time to go to the toilet and, you know, take a piss.


Instead, rather than miss any of the 'Bait live on stage, you choose to pull out your penis and urinate in a packed band room while watching the band belt out "Buy Me a Pony".

Belle Nolan, 33, was watching Spiderbait perform at a sold out Melbourne’s 170 Russell, earlier this year when she felt liquid on her leg. "At first I thought someone had spilt their drink on me," Ms Nolan told The Herald Sun.

“But then I realised it was warm and I turned around and saw this guy fiddling with his fly behind me. He just looked right at me — then he kind of shrugged his shoulders and smirked as though it wasn’t a big deal. I was completely in shock.”

The pisser was booted from the venue but security failed to get his details.

Spiderbait have rallied behind the humiliated Nolan and have vowed to track down the smirking creep. On a Facebook post last night they called out to fans to help try and track the offender down.

“We are so appalled at this awful and disgusting behaviour and that our valued fan Belle has had to endure at one of our shows, how can this happen? We are dumbfounded!? PLEASE everyone read this story and look at the CCTV photo. Especially Melbourne folk. We would really like to find this offensive, urinating fuckstick. Does anyone out there know him? All information is helpful and we do not condone this behaviour.”

The band also applauded Belle for standing up and taking action.

Footage has been released of a man police wish to speak with. Anyone with information is asked to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or visit