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This Province in the Philippines Has a Hotline for Reporting Noisy Karaoke Singers

It's no secret Filipinos love karaoke. But one governor said the hotline would help confront noisy singers, especially those who are “drunk and out of tune.”
Photo: Forja2 Mx on Unsplash

In the Philippines, it is not uncommon to see people singing kareoke in malls, restaurants, and even on the streets in alcohol-fueled parties that last well into the night.

But it’s become such a nuisance that several provinces have established ordinances banning karaoke after a certain hour, and now one has introduced a hotline to report noisy singers.

On Monday, Sept. 14, Governor Jonvic Remulla of Cavite province shared some pretty stern words against karaoke singers.


“[Karaoke] is a favourite hobby of those who can’t find anything to do from night until dawn,” he said in Filipino. “Sorry but even if you say you’re inside your house, the noise it makes can be considered a violation of curfew hours.”

Like many parts of the Philippines, Cavite established a curfew as part of COVID-19 safety measures. In the province, people cannot be out from 8 PM to 5 AM.

In his post, Remulla said that curfews aren’t only meant to “reduce unnecessary night strolls” but also to “strengthen the body through good and sound sleep.”

In recent weeks many in Cavite have lodged noise complaints because of excessive kareoke use. So from now on, if someone feels their neighbour is making too much of a ruckus, they can contact the Philippine National Police (PNP) Action Line.

“Please text +63 916 916 986 0679 your grievances and concerns to lessen and stop good for nothings and noisy ones who sing, especially those who are drunk and out of tune,” the governor’s post reads.

He reminded residents that those who refuse to comply with the curfew and social distancing measures can be charged and taken to the police station on the spot.

On social media, many expressed support for the hotline.

“Thank you, Gov. There should be strict laws for those who make noise and those who visit other peoples’ homes. They have no shame and don’t know how to follow the rules,” one commenter said.


Another said, “I hope you also enforce a law against those playing loud music during the day time, especially since people are working from home.”

Although there seems to be a recent rise in noise complaints, over-enthusiastic karaoke sessions is a long-standing issue in Cavite. In March 2017, the province passed a noise ordinance that limits the use of noisy karaoke systems in residential areas, public streets, and roadsides.

Karaoke is only allowed from 10 AM to 10 PM in residential areas. In other permitted areas, it is allowed from 9 AM to 10 PM or until 12:00 MN on Friday and Saturday evenings, and during fiestas and special holidays.

“Unfortunately, it is not possible to arrest and report noisy chickens and barking dogs to the PNP Action Line,” Remulla joked in a tweet.

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