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Daily Horoscope: October 16, 2020

There's a new moon in Libra today!
Robin Eisenberg

The moon in air sign Libra clashes with generous Jupiter at 8:06 AM, forcing us to find diplomatic ways to create social change. There is tension between being petty and being polite as the moon faces off with warrior Mars at 9:49 AM. Look out for manipulative behavior as the moon clashes with power planet Pluto at 1:22 PM. The new moon in Libra arrives at 3:31 PM, bringing a fresh start to relationships of all kinds. At 6:11 PM the moon clashes with serious Saturn, stirring up feelings of loneliness and rejection.


All times ET.


It’s time to be honest about your interpersonal commitments, and how much you want to contribute. The new moon falls in your house of relationships, bringing a fresh perspective to your feelings about others and what you need for them. Are your standards realistic? Look out for perfectionism as the moon clashes with Saturn.


The new moon brings a fresh start to your lifestyle, whether it’s your work or your health. This is a powerful time to break bad habits by starting new ones. An accountability buddy definitely goes a long way. Since Mercury’s retrograde, a refresh to old goals is time better spent.


Make space for what, and who, you love doing. The new moon falls in your house of sex, dating, and friendships, beginning a new chapter in your social and creative life. You are hyper aware of restrictions and other people’s hangups, but don’t let that stop you from pursuing pleasure.


It’s time to rest, Cancer. The new moon falls in a deeply private and homey sector of your chart, bringing you down to earth. It’s time to call your family and understand how they influence your bonding and relationship style. Thinking back to your childhood can help you understand attachments.


Take a look at what you have agreed to, as the new moon falls in your house of contracts and communication. This, plus the fact that it’s Mercury retrograde, means it’s time for you to review and renew your written arrangements. Have you ever tried to get to inbox zero?



You have a reputation for being organized, or at least you’re good at making lists and processing things. The new moon falls in your house of personal resources and finances, a good time to go through bank statements and take inventory. Once you know what you have, you can set new goals for growth and outreach.


Usually you like to make things about other people, but Libra season invites you to make things more about yourself. The new moon in Libra asks that you prioritize your needs and feelings first, whatever they may be. Get to know yourself and your habits on a deeper level, and don’t be afraid to confront the irrational.


It’s time to turn the phone off and spend some time alone. The new moon falls in your house of rest and rehabilitation, asking you to start tying up loose ends and clearing space for something bigger and better to grow. Your phone may be off, but don’t ignore people! They still need you, too.


It’s time to make new friends, Sagittarius. The new moon falls in a social sector of your chart, asking you to reach out to new groups and find your crew. The moon clashes with Saturn, which can stir up feelings of loneliness and isolation. Sometimes work friends will have to make the cut.


Time for some new professional pursuits, Cap. The new moon falls in your public sector, which encourages you to realign with your legacy and how you want to control the narrative of your personal story. You can tweak your CV, and even get away with some white lies.



Consider what you want to know more about in the coming month as the new moon falls in your house of higher learning and spirituality. This is an ideal time to start a new writing or research project, with the goal of sharing your ideas with others, and building understanding among a group.


Major changes are afoot! The new moon falls in your house of transformation and shared resources. This is a time when you can make big asks. Remember if there is an absence, then it can be filled with something. Don’t be scared of the unknown!

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