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Weekly Horoscope: September 21 - 27

Libra season begins!
September 20, 2020, 9:00pm

On Monday, September 21, Mercury, the planet of communication, clashes with Pluto, the planet of secrets, at 1:21 AM. We are uncovering new information, and something is happening based on these insider things we’re learning! Look out for manipulative, roundabout ways of explaining things. People are going to be tempted to pick and choose what information to reveal.

On Tuesday, September 22, the sun enters Libra at 9:30 AM, kicking off Libra season! This is the first day of autumn in the northern hemisphere. The length of day is equal to the length of night; it’s the equinox! Libra is all about balance, the balance of day and night, and finding the right middle ground. For this reason it is associated with diplomacy and keeping the peace.

Messenger Mercury clashes with Saturn, the planet of commitments, on Wednesday, September 23, at 6:37 AM. This can find us learning about rejection or hitting a bureaucratic wall. The rules are the rules, so make sure you’re following them. It’d be easy for someone to write you a ticket. Mercury also faces off with retrograde Mars on Thursday, September 24, at 6:52 AM. Justice will find you if you’re misbehaving, so make sure you’re being expertly sneaky if you’re up to no good, or prepared to deal with the consequences of your actions. This is also a good time to have a discussion with someone about what you think of their behaviors—or misbehaviors—to get a better understanding of them.

After all of this discussion, it’s time to get quiet and in our feelings. The planet of communication, Mercury, enters secretive, silent, and sentient Scorpio on Sunday, September 27, at 3:40 AM. Mercury in Scorpio finds truth and meaning in the subtext, sometimes things that aren’t really there!

All times ET.


Your colleagues and partners are giving you information that helps you make a decision, moving forward with your career and public life, as messenger Mercury clashes with serious Saturn and power planet Pluto. You are getting a deeper understanding of your commitments, and making a change based on your relationships. Libra season begins, and the next four weeks are a time when you can focus on what you honestly want in a partnership. What is something that makes you happy in a relationship, and what are things that you’d honestly rather not have to deal with? You’re fine with making changes and cutting ties. You don’t have the energy to put up with things that aren’t an easy vibe, and can have a breakup talk as Mercury faces off with your planetary ruler Mars, the planet of severance.


You’re doing a lot on the job this week. Mercury, the planet of communication, clashes with Saturn, the planet of commitments, showing you taking a new responsibility, or sending out your own rejection letter. You’re focusing on what you need to be doing at work, and don’t have time to take on literally every single project that comes your way. You’re understanding your schedule, gracefully, and this can only improve both your professional and personal relationships. The sun enters Libra, lighting up your house of work, routine, and health. This is a time to understand what you want to accomplish on any given day, including self-care rituals and connecting with your body. What do you want to commit to, and what negative space do you want to leave so that you can have a social life?


You’re light hearted and don’t tend to take things too harshly or seriously, but now you’re taking action to prove yourself committed and worth your salt. Your planetary ruler Mercury clashes with serious Saturn, pushing you to show how invested you are in other people and their time. You know when to be serious—you take your pleasure, your friendships, your art, and your downtime seriously! The sun enters fellow air sign Libra, lighting up your house of all things fun and social. The beginning of fall is always fun for you—a good time to connect with your close friends and creative pursuits. Your mind is still on work, however, as Mercury enters your house of routine and lifestyle.


You’re getting more information about the way things are happening at home, especially when it comes to roommates, landlords, and older family members, as Mercury, the planet of communication, clashes with Saturn, the planet of authority, and power planet Pluto. You’re dealing with a lot of bureaucracy and other people’s boundaries, and having to make changes in order to handle things. Libra season begins, helping you to find peace and grounding in your home and family life. It’s time to get really cozy, find your favorite blanket, and make your home warm for the coming months. Messenger Mercury moves into your house of sex, dating, and friendships this weekend, starting a period of parties and pleasure. Get more familiar with your inner circle.


You’re getting a better understanding of your commitments and schedule, and making changes based on your own personal limitations Leo. As much energy as you have, you are still human, and need to make time for rest and downtime. Mercury, the planet of communication, clashes with serious Saturn, finding you making an informed decision to put a lid on things that are stopping you from having room to breathe! Libra season begins, which is always a social time for you. Your inbox is active, you’re ready to get to know your colleagues and neighbors, and your siblings are calling to know what your plans are for the holidays. Mercury enters your domestic sector, and you are feeling a little homesick and nostalgic for the coming weeks!


You are getting to understand the value of your social life a little better, Virgo. You like to keep a busy schedule, but now you’re thinking about how you can take steps to commit to your fun. Not everything has to be treated like a business. Your relationships, your pleasure, is not a storefront. As your planetary ruler Mercury clashes with somber Saturn, get to know what is stopping you from feeling like you can be open to having a good time. You deserve laughter and joy! Libra season begins and the sun illuminates your house of personal resources and finances for the coming weeks. You have a lot to be grateful for, and a lot to share, that exists beyond the material world. Your time is valuable.


You’re investing in your home, figuring out what money you need to have in order to sustain for a long-term period, as messenger Mercury clashes with serious Saturn. This can find you being more conservative with your spending, but you’re working out the details of your budget as Mercury moves into your house of finances and personal resources, giving you more insight into what type of money you have to give. Mercury faces off with warrior Mars, bringing attention to ways in which partners, romantic or otherwise, have been misbehaving, and making it easy for you to express your thoughts on other people’s behaviors and how it affects your relationships. The sun enters Libra, beginning Libra season—finally it’s easier to put yourself first for once!


Secrets are being revealed and you’re seeing things from a totally different, outsider perspective, as Mercury, the planet of communication, clashes with Pluto, the planet of secrets, taboos, and all that is underground. This aspect can agitate any preexisting paranoia and suspicion, so maybe try to give people the benefit of the doubt! If you have a question, don’t be so scared to ask. Mercury enters your sign, and you are better equipped to express your thoughts about these secrets that you’re learning more about. You’ll be better able to express yourself in general! Your tongue is sharp—be careful who you direct it toward. Hopefully you’ll be able to use your wit to form apologies for any racy things you say.


You’re having conversations about funding your dream projects as Mercury, the planet of communication, clashes with Saturn and Pluto. You are learning more about what you need and who you need to contact in order to support your income and dreams of being a baller. There is some tension in your friend groups as Mercury faces off with Mars, which can stir up some gossip, drama, and misunderstandings about other people’s actions. If something doesn’t make sense, it’s better to ask about it than make assumptions as to why people are acting out! Libra season begins, lighting up your house of hopes and dreams, putting you in touch with the crew that makes them all come true. Have fun!


Things are changing at work, and you’re learning about how your roles and titles are changing as Mercury, the planet of communication, clashes with your responsible planetary ruler Saturn. You’re getting new information about how you have to structure your life. Changes aren’t always fun when you’re not the one in control of them, but at least now you get to see what else is out there. The sun enters your house of career and fame, and everyone can recognize everything you’ve accomplished. Messenger Mercury moves into your house of hopes and dreams and social networks. You have friends in high places who can help you make some serious groundbreaking things happen. Not only are you well connected, but you deserve some fun, too!


You’re getting in touch with life’s mysteries, your spiritual side, and things that are unseen, as messenger Mercury clashes with structural Saturn and power planet Pluto. This is a time to learn more about theory and the unseen. You are getting a strong read for political and religious theory, and getting a strong grip on your morals. The sun enters fellow air sign Libra, and you are very clear headed about what you want to learn more about, and the things that you want to share and teach yourself. You are the water bearer, you love to share knowledge and resources, and to expand your own network of understanding as well! Look out for news about your career as messenger Mercury moves into your house of fame and public reputation.


You’re getting a better understanding of other people’s money and how it affects your network as the planet of communication, Mercury, clashes with Saturn and Pluto—a corner is turned and you can see a new approach to how things are being funded. You’re also tuning into your own personal spending habits as Mercury faces off with action planet Mars. The sun enters a transformative sector of your chart, helping you to understand how things are changing. Libra season is also a good time for you to ask other people for what you want, since you can see that they have extra to share! Mercury enters fellow water sign Scorpio, cluing you into bigger things on the horizon, and helping you to come up with new existential questions.

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