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The Best Tax Software (If You Waited Until the Last Minute)

You’ve got less than a month to settle up with Uncle Sam—thankfully, the best online tax services are here to help.
Ian Burke
Brooklyn, US
The 7 Best Tax Software
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Don’t panic—well, actually, panic a little, because Tax Day (April 18 this year) is less than a month away, and if you’re procrastination princes like us, you might have also waited until the last minute to settle your debt with the ghoulish feds Uncle Sam. No matter how you feel about taxes, you still have to shell out if you don’t want a bunch of IRS stormtroopers busting down your door in the middle of the night. (That’s how that works, right?) Fortunately, it’s not that hard to do your taxes these days, and there are plenty of online options for at-home filing without hiring an expensive accountant. 


From free services—such as Cash App taxes and TurboTax Free Edition—to tax software for homeowners, small businesses, and more, we’ve pulled together a few of the best tax software out there, so you don’t end up having to live as an off-the-grid tax outlaw—though if you’re into that, we’ve got you covered

Cash App Taxes

Yep—Cash App, the app best known for helping people pay back their friends for weed and tacos, now offers Cash App Taxes, a fast, easy, and 100%-free way to file both your federal and state taxes, even if you're taking deductions or credits, or have a uniquely complex tax situation. We’re stans—and so are the millions of people who have already used it to file for free (including one friend of Rec Room, who said it was very easy, very legit, and that they got a great return).

H&R Block

Besides there being a brick-and-mortar location in nearly every suburban town, H&R Block has plans starting for free so you can keep saving up for that over-priced bookshelf you definitely don’t need. If you don’t trust yourself with the big bucks, you can file with *a tax pro* starting at $85 smackeroonies virtually or in-person.

Jackson Hewitt

Jackson Hewitt claims you’ll file with confidence, and we believe it with its 4.6 star rating and over 6,900 customer reviews. One reviewer said they even trust it more than the IRS… LOL. Doing your taxes with Jackson Hewitt starts with only a $25 flat fee, even for the most complex taxes. You can also file with one of the brand’s tax pros, with the almost-“Soviet Russia”-sounding guarantee: “Our Tax Pros get you every dollar you deserve, or we pay you.”


Whether you’re planning on filing online or in one of its 2,500+ locations across the country, LibertyTax has your back when it comes to squaring your account with The Tax Man. Plus, if you refer one of your equally lazy and forgetful friends who need to crank out their taxes at the last minute, you’ll receive $50 on the spot. 


With over 85 million returns e-filed since 2000 (and backed by a “$100k Accuracy Guarantee”) TaxAct “provides the highest degree of accuracy,” in the game, according to its site. The brand’s Deluxe package comes in at less than 50 bucks, and is great for homeowners, folks with childcare expenses, and people who have student loan payments. You also get unlimited assistance from CPAs and other tax experts when you add Xpert Assist—that means you’ll receive top-tier tax advice when you need it most and an extra set of eyes to look over your taxes before you file.


The good people at TaxSlayer are godsends when April rolls around. The brand’s ultra-affordable (roughly $35) “Classic” tax filing service includes all forms, deductions, and credits for around the same price as a bottle of mid-range whiskey. With no out-of-pocket fees​, a free app for on-the-go filing, and unlimited phone and email support, TaxSlayer has helped millions of people who’d otherwise have no clue what they’re doing (read: us) stay out of debtor’s prison (which, in this case, is just regular prison) for over 50 years.  


TurboTax is an OG filing service, and there’s a solid chance you’ve used them before. However, did you know the brand has a free filing option? The service has a 4.5 average rating from over 195,000 reviews. TurboTax also offers affordable filing options for more complicated tax situations including investments, rental properties, and more. 

Now, you’d think the government would just send you a bill at the end of the year, seeing as how if you don’t file correctly, they tell you how much you still owe… Hold on, I think that's the IRS buzzing up—I’ve said too much.

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