Inside Europe's First Sex Doll Brothel

Are sex dolls the future of prostitution? Joel Golby heads to Barcelona to visit the centre of this strange battleground for the future of sexual politics.
sex doll brothel barcelona

One building in Barcelona hosts both Europe's first sex doll brothel and real-life sex workers, competing for the attention of the city's paying public. On the other side of town is Stephan, a traditional brothel owner who's leading the sex doll resistance in his battle to keep control of the market.

Overlooking all this from his home in the hills is the world's leading sex robot inventor, Sergi Santos, who – with his wife, the self-titled "G Spot Maker" – is pushing sex doll technology to its limits.

In this episode of Love Industries, Joel Golby heads to Barcelona to meet the characters involved in this strange new turf war.