Pisces glyph on blue fishlike scales, surrounded by the zodiac wheel
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Pisces Compatibility With Every Zodiac Sign

Everything you need to know about relationship compatibility with Pisces.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, which gives it a universal, cosmic flavor! Pisces is the psychic fascia that holds the rest of the zodiac together. These water signs are imaginative, intuitive, and harness a unique perspective. Because they feel so intensely and are emotionally present, Pisces can sometimes be forgetful of details. They look for others who can fill in the gaps in their memories with details, documents, and funny stories.


Relationships are a place where Pisces can turn their beliefs and fantasies into something real. They ultimately want to settle down with someone who is attentive and able to reciprocate favors. If you want to woo a Pisces, don’t be shy when talking about the past: your childhood, your old fantasies, your first orgasm… Getting nostalgic is a secret weapon in courting Pisces, but don’t talk about your ex—it’s not sexy!

Pisces compatibility with Pisces

You’re a pair of dreamers, poets, artists, who love laughter, pleasure, and indulgence. Time flies when you’re together. You also share a deep spiritual bond that can’t be put into words. If there’s a misunderstanding, be patient, open-minded, mature. Speak, and really listen! When you let go of beliefs, you can learn the truth.

You both skirt the edge of the ocean and test the waters before diving in. And once you do, there are few things more romantic than watching a pair of fish in love! Communication between you is real, rich, and soothing; your silences (and hands) speak just as loudly as your words. Nurture your love, and this relationship can only blossom.

You’re dreamers, humanitarians, naturally gifted, artistic, musical, lucky, and know how to strike a deal. You see a world without limits—and know the power of the mind to create reality. You’re also aware of the greater purpose of your existence, and your work has the potential to spread a message of hope, joy, and faith.


Pisces compatibility with Aries

Aries loves a good time, and Pisces will follow the ram to any celebration they’re excited about. Pisces could learn to be more direct from Aries, but both know the deeper intuition that guides the fish, that opens the door to magic and serendipity. You march to the beat of different drums, but your friendship makes beautiful music!

Pisces is sensitive, poetic, and romantic—everything Aries dreams of in a soulmate. Aries stirs deep passion in Pisces. Aries thinks and talks fast, while Pisces needs time to digest information. Aries’ heart is constant like the sun. Pisces’ heart is endless like the ocean. And your love shines like a rainbow, in all colors.

Pisces has imagination, vision, and the glamorous je ne sais quoi. Aries is motivated, worldly and has a solid business plan. You consistently pull rabbits out of hats, leaving people amazed by your accomplishments. This is no party trick; the work you do together spreads a message of joy in a world starving for hope.

Pisces compatibility with Taurus

You create a bubble of laughter, music, and unforgettable memories. You’re both deeply sensitive and know we live in a world of infinite, magical possibilities. There’s unconditional love between you, and it’s worth clearing up misunderstandings with an honest conversation.

Pisces is glamorous, otherworldly, and brings out the dreamer in Taurus. Taurus’ velvety voice of reason tugs on Pisces heartstrings. Communication between you at best is clear, sensitive, and real. This divine love heals, and shimmers endlessly like the ocean on a sunny day.


Both of you are deeply imaginative, creative, and intelligent. Taurus has the resources, money management skills, and know-how to manifest Pisces’ vision and dreams into reality. You’re both stars in your own right, but teamed up, you show the world what’s possible if you dare to dream. If you were a band, Pisces is the musical genius and Taurus has the unforgettable voice; together you transport the audience into another world for a divine experience.

Pisces compatibility with Gemini

When you tricksters get together, good times are almost guaranteed! But there’s a deep mutual admiration here, as both care deeply about the world, and inspire each other. If you step on each other’s toes, it may take time to rebuild trust, but with patience, all will be worthwhile.

Pisces’ love is unconditional and deep, but they’re a slippery catch. Gemini’s charm gets Pisces, hook, line, and sinker! Pisces helps Gemini see a greater reality, while Gemini’s words can be a ray of sunshine to Pisces. Your love flows endlessly like a river; but you can never step in the same river twice.

Pisces has imagination, vision, and real ideas, while Gemini knows how to bottle Pisces’ magic, showcase it, and capitalize on it. Both care deeply about the world. Together this has the potential to be a lucrative partnership that gives the world a gift of hope and imagination.

Pisces compatibility with Cancer

Pisces inspires Cancer to dream, and helps them gain perspective. Cancer helps Pisces get out of their heads and have fun when the world seems too overwhelming. Both are deeply sensitive and intuitive. In case of miscommunication, don’t avoid the issue. Level with each other and keep it real.

Cancer is thoughtful, caring, loving—everything Pisces wants! Pisces’ unconditional love is a healing balm for Cancer. You often intuitively know what the other is thinking. Still, clear communication rather than assumption can prevent a lot of confusion and heartache. Your relationship may move through cycles, but this love is here to stay.


Pisces has solid ideas and vision; Cancer knows how to execute a plan, and has the connections. Your work inspires people to explore their limits; perhaps a travel business offering one-of-a-kind adventures, or spiritual retreats. There’s no limit to what you can achieve together as you swim to success!

Pisces compatibility with Leo

You learn a lot from each other, help each other grow, evolve, and enjoy life. It’s hard to keep a secret between Pisces and Leo. But in case of miscommunication or hurt feelings: Leo can learn to be more empathetic and Pisces can learn to let go of resentment. It may take an intense conversation, but honesty is the way out.

Leo brightens Pisces’ life like a ray of sunshine. Leo is deeply comforted by Pisces’ unconditional love. Communication between you is generally pleasant and loving. If there’s trouble in paradise: Leo can be honest rather than passive aggressive, and Pisces can be more expressive rather than sulking. Cloudy days are a part of life, but your love is eternal.

Both Leo and Pisces are naturally talented and creative. Both inspire each other to grow, improve, and excel, creatively and personally. Together, you can create something that expands people’s minds and horizons to a greater world and reality.

Pisces compatibility with Virgo

Pisces is a supportive, sensitive friend who has your back. Virgo is the caring friend who will bring you soup and cheer. Both have a wry sense of humor and presence that heals. If boundaries have been crossed, talk things out without pointing fingers. Learn your lessons and it can be water under the bridge.

Pisces is magical, mysterious, and a slippery catch; but they’re happy to get tangled up in Virgo’s tender love and devotion. Communication between you smolders but is also very real. There’s an ocean of love between Pisces and Virgo. You needn’t dissect its mysteries—just drink in the bliss!


Pisces has the imagination, creative vision, and talent, while Virgo has the organization and technical skills to turn a vision into reality. Both dream of a brighter future, and together you share a utopian vision and message of hope with the world and those seeking a greater meaning of life.

Pisces compatibility with Libra

Libra helps Pisces find their sea legs when life gets out of balance, and Pisces’ friendship is deeply healing to Libra. Both see the magic, beauty, and wonder in life. In case of a misunderstanding—the truth is not always easy to speak or digest—kindness and laughter make the medicine go down easier.

Libra is like a butterfly; flirtatious and hard to pin down. Pisces is ethereal and emotional. You process information at different speeds: Libra’s brain races while Pisces needs time to consider things. Libra can be more patient, and Pisces can learn to speak up. But this love shimmers like moonlight on the ocean.

Both are extremely creative: Pisces’ imagination is limitless and sees lucrative ideas. Libra knows how to nurture Pisces’ creativity and build a solid foundation for success. Together, you’re a dream team with the magic touch. Your collaborative work can have an international aspect, and span across the oceans.

Pisces compatibility with Scorpio

It’s always a magical adventure with you two! Pisces and Scorpio both have a sarcastic sense of humor, are empathetic, intuitive (if not psychic), and aware of a deeper spiritual reality beyond this illusory material world. You flow well, but if you hit a bumpy patch, avoid assumptions, projections, and stubbornness, and hash things out.

Pisces’ love washes over you like a wave. Scorpio’s heart is like a still deep blue lake, inviting you to dive in. You don’t need too many words to communicate—you get each other viscerally! These waters run deep, and with love, this relationship can only grow.


You’re both master manifestors, and whatever you dream up, you can make a reality! You’re both fantastic at marketing: Scorpio understands how people’s minds work, and Pisces’ imagination is a well of creative genius. And the work you do together illuminates the world to a greater truth, and our own expansive consciousness within.

Pisces compatibility with Sagittarius

Pisces and Sagittarius are both naturally good-humored, optimistic dreamers with luck on your side. You share many laughs and good times with unforgettable memories! Above all, you share a spiritual bond. In any relationship, friction is natural: Respect each other’s boundaries, be fair, and seek clarity, and you can strengthen your connection.

Sagittarius has raw passion and animal magnetism, while Pisces’ is sensitive, magical, and ethereal. Combined with your spirituality, this connection ranges from simmering, to steamy, to boiling hot. Both have fairly fixed opinions, but are also always willing to learn. This love is sacred, and reminds you daily what a gift it is to be alive.

If there’s two people who can make the impossible possible, it’s Pisces and Sagittarius. You both came into this world with a greater awareness of your purpose. Whether you work in the profit, or non-profit industry, together you could heal the world, or at least your corner of it.

Pisces compatibility with Capricorn

Capricorn’s dry sense of humor and Pisces’s absurd jokes make for fun friendship, but you also both have a deep, philosophical side that wants to change the world. There’s a lot of empathy in this relationships, and patience is what will help you overcome rocky times.

Flirty Pisces loves being spoiled on lavish dates by Capricorn! Their communication styles are different, but they learn so much from each other: Pisces can learn how to be more direct, and Capricorn to be subtle. Capricorn is the sea-goat, and when they’re not climbing mountains, they love to swim in Pisces’ ocean!


Capricorn has the business plan, while Pisces gets messy with the paint. Capricorn’s past pain is a big influence on their creative work—which Pisces can relate to. Together they can make work that heals: Not just an album to cry to, but a soundtrack to overcoming the odds.

Pisces compatibility with Aquarius

You’re both dreamers and learn a lot from each other and this partnership. Aquarius is a generous friend, and dares Pisces to dream bigger. Pisces inspires Aquarius with what’s possible when one dares to dream. If you butt heads, Aquarius can learn to listen better, and Pisces can learn to be more vocal.

Pisces is poetic and magical, and draws you into a dream state. Aquarius shimmers like a field of glow-worms on midsummer’s eve. You’re both affectionate, but also have strong opinions. Aquarius talks and thinks fast, while Pisces likes to chew on things. This love heals like a walk on the beach, and the balmy ocean breeze.

You’re both infinitely creative and dream of a better world. Both are well connected, and have a knack of attracting opportunities serendipitously. Aquarius connects the dots; Pisces fills in the colors. Together your work moves beyond boundaries to create real change, making the world a kinder, and safer place.

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