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The Best Bullet Vibrators, From Basic to Ultra-Fancy

This small but mighty sex toy is a must for perineums, clitorises, and whatever else needs motorboating on your hot bod.
New York, US
September 23, 2021, 8:14pm
The best bullet vibrator sex toys
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Repeat after me: Bullet vibrators are for the people. Seriously. This small but mighty sex toy is not only one of the most approachable, versatile vibrators out there for beginners and dildo slingers alike, but one of the most affordable, period. 

That being said, I love me a luxury sex toy. If you have the privilege of saving up for a vibrator like the monster-jam blended orgasm machine that is the LELO Enigma vibrator, you should absolutely do so—this is a personal wellness item that goes inside you, after all—but if you don’t have hundreds to throw down for a new sex toy, you can still get in on some of the best-engineered, high-design sex toys out there by making a beeline (or P-line)  to the bullet vibe section. 

Think of them as the gateway vibrator. Thusly named for their ammunition-like shape (awkward; moving on), bullet vibrators are compact pleasers that fit in the palm of your hand, and are ideal for foreplay and happy endings alike. It’s also a big ol' misconception that they’re only for people with vaginas; these babies are great perineum strokers, if you’re into P-zone play, as well as clitoral stimulators, and they can be used to tease thine ears, nips, anus, and anywhere else that just feels good. (Note: Don’t insert into your ass—there’s no flared base on these toys, and it’ll make for a seriously embarrassing ER visit.) 

There’s just one rule here, when it comes to bullet vibes: We do not reach for the battery-operated toys. Nooooo sir-mam, they’re just not long for this earth (nor very environmentally friendly), and will send you on a CVS quest for annoying small batteries after a week or two of use. Instead, we’re going for bullet vibrators that are waterproof, rechargeable, and come with a few tricks up their sleeves. 

Here are some of our ride or die favorites. Grab one for you, and 20 to toss from your balcony like confetti to thine neighbors. ["Our God Is an Awesome God" plays.]

Support a woman-owned sex toy company

If Dame is making it, you know it’s going to be good. The sex toy company was founded by two women, a sexologist and an engineer, who really raised the bar for quality design and engineering with toys (they go above and beyond to integrate user feedback into their design process with Dame Labs). They have one hell of a smorgasbord of stylish toys, and their bullet vibrator is a three-speed demon made of an angelically soft, waterproof silicone.     

You’ve freed doves from a box

Ah, the old lipstick-vibrator trick. It’s one of our favorites, because it’s just such a classic—but it’s rare to find one that’s rechargeable, so this is really the jackpot. See you at the Magic Castle. [Swooshes cape.]


Lipstick Vibrator

The bullet-rabbit hybrid

Hell. Yes. ICYMI, the Fifty Shades of Grey sex toy line is kind of… amazing? Every toy I’ve tried from them has not disappointed, and their bullet vibrator with rabbit ear attachments—y’know, for extra clitoral stimulation—is over half off right now.  

Fifty Shades of Grey

Greedy Girl Bullet Rabbit Vibrator

This $200 vibrator is 71% off

Speaking of dealsdealsdeals, Better Love’s top-rated, luxury bullet vibrator is also on sale right now. We love it because it has a little bit more girth to the tip, a bit of texture, and 10 speeds to explore. 

You own a hacky sack

Gotta love a personality vibrator. How great would this be to gift a bud-buddy around the holidays, or just because? Don’t let the leaves fool you: This baby is whip fast, and packs ten speeds. 


420 Rechargeable Mini Bullet Vibe

The one that doubles as jewelry

Big Main Character Energy for this one, which is a conversation starter when you want it to be, and a necklace when you’re doing literally anything else.


Gold-Plated Vibrator Necklace

The best clitoral and bullet vibe bundle deal

Normally, a Womanizer clitoral vibe alone would run you over a hundo or two. Alas, the orgasm gods have been most benevolent on this windy fall sabbath, and right now you can scoop their cult clitoral toy and a rechargeable bullet vibrator from We-Vibe for just $219. 

We-Vibe + Womanizer

Silver Delights Limited Edition

Vibe on, buddy. 

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