TikTokers Keep Eating Frozen Honey. Experts Say Please Don’t.

#FrozenHoney has thousands of videos that have gained over 600 million views. 
Shamani Joshi
Mumbai, IN
TikTokers Keep Eating Frozen Honey
Photo: Getty Images

There’s a new TikTok viral trend and it’s getting kinda… sticky.

Move over, baked feta pasta and raw lemons. The latest viral food trend on TikTok is frozen honey. 

The sickly sweet concoction consists of a shitload of honey frozen in a plastic bottle so that it oozes out with a glassy consistency that can be licked like a popsicle or bitten off like a slimy candy. Some even add corn syrup to make the nectar less dense and ideal for squeezing out – unlike the last dump you took. 


While YouTubers have been partaking in frozen honey ASMR to create satisfying soundscapes peppered with the crunch from the frozen goo for months, it’s unclear how this trend kicked off on TikTok. 

Now, the hashtag #FrozenHoney has gone viral, with thousands of videos accumulating over 600 million views, while #FrozenHoneyChallenge has over 80 million views. 

On the surface, nothing seems too wrong with hoarding all that honey, especially since it isn’t even the hallucinogenic kind. Except, experts are super concerned about the health repercussions of licking large doses of frozen honey. 

“It’s thought to be fine in adults, but a large load might potentially be problematic,” Lisa Young, a professor of nutrition at New York University’s Steinhardt School, told NBC News

Nutritionists and dentists are now warning against the trend, stressing that consuming large amounts of frozen honey could lead to digestive problems, tooth cavities and other health concerns. 

“Honey is a natural sweetener and comes with many health benefits, [but] honey kept at a temperature of approximately minus 4 degrees is likely to create issues such as bloating and diarrhoea when consumed,” wellness expert Neeha Nagpal told The Independent

And the sugar rush seems to already be taking a toll on its young consumers, with several TikTokers speaking about how the frozen honey has made them feel “sick,” and how some even had to potentially have their stomachs pumped. 

“Unprocessed honey has spores and clostridium botulinum bacteria which can cause neurological disorders, and gastrointestinal diseases,” Pooja Thacker, a dietician from Mumbai, told Indian Express. “It is not recommended for diabetic and fructose intolerant patients.” 

Still, at least the frozen honey trend isn’t as dangerous as *that* Blackout challenge, where users choked themselves until they passed out. 

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