Monthly Horoscope: Aries, June 2021

Welcome to Gemini season, dear Aries!
Gemini and Cancer
Robin Eisenberg

This is a busy season for you, Aries, especially when it comes to communication, but this year, things might be a little more complicated due to Mercury retrograde in Gemini. Rather than discussing future plans, you’re reflecting on the past. You may be running into old friends or having discussions about issues that need to be reworked or reconsidered. Paperwork is being redone (double check everything before you submit it! Read the fine print—twice. Make sure the love letter you wrote is being sent to the right person!) and phone calls that should have happened weeks ago may finally take place now. This isn’t the time to start new conversations, but to conclude old ones.


Bringing blessings to your home and family life is Venus’s entry into water sign Cancer on June 2. This is a fantastic time to redecorate and beautify your living space! Caring energy flows in your family life and with the people you are closest to. It’s a lovely time to entertain at home, safety cautions considered! Things are feeling especially cozy in your love life, and you’re valuing the connections you have with people who are protective of you and who have nurturing qualities, like making you comfort food when you’re not feeling well or reminding you to buckle your seatbelt. 

Supportive energy flows in your social life on June 3 as the sun connects with Saturn in Aquarius. This is also a great time to connect with mentors, and to make plans concerning causes you are passionate about. Also on June 3, Venus connects with Jupiter in Pisces, inspiring emotional sensitivity, kindness, and generosity. It’s a lovely time for resting and healing.

But watch out for confusion and trouble on June 5: Mercury clashes with Neptune in Pisces, which may make for misunderstandings, delays, and even some lies. People have especially short tempers on this day as Mars in Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn: Arguments that have been brewing reach an intense boiling point, relationships may be severed, jobs walked out on, and friendships cut off. We all experience anger, and it isn’t wise to repress any emotion, but there are productive and healthy ways to work with our rage! It’s crucial you find ways to work with your aggravation in supportive ways during this time. 


The solar eclipse in Gemini arrives on June 10, the same day the sun meets Mercury retrograde: A philosophical breakthrough is likely; as details emerge, your perspective is totally shifted and you’re thinking about things in a radically new way. This could be a fresh start in how you think and talk about things. Make time to journal or talk to a friend since processing things verbally might be helpful at this time. Gemini is the sign of the twins and it’s very much a both/and energy: Accepting ambiguity, making room for multiple interpretations, or just being open-minded is the best way to work with this energy.

Your ruling planet Mars enters fellow fire sign Leo on June 11, bringing you a boost in energy—your willpower is especially strong at this time! Passion is the air, and you have plenty of stamina to party and enjoy yourself. Unexpected gifts may come your way as Venus connects with Uranus in Taurus on June 13, but the sun also clashes with Neptune on this day, which may make for confusion, sensitivity, and laziness. Make extra time to rest and don’t over-schedule yourself. Your busy mind needs a break.

June 14 finds Saturn squaring off with Uranus: Think back to February 14, as similar themes may be up for consideration. Saturn is the planet of structure, and Uranus of revolution—the rules are being rewritten! You might be rethinking how you approach friendship and who you let into your circle. Take a look at who you follow on social media: Do their posts reflect a side of yourself you have outgrown, or that doesn’t align with your values? That old saying “birds of a feather flock together” is something to reflect on, especially as you’re realizing that you have bigger dreams than the container of your friendships might hold. Shifts around money are also taking place, as you rethink your future goals and how you want to finance them.

You’re connecting with your intuition on a deep level as Jupiter begins its retrograde on June 20. Your dreams might be especially interesting during this time, so keep a journal by your bed and take notes when you wake up. Also on June 20, the sun enters Cancer: Happy solstice! The sun in Cancer illuminates the home and family sector of your chart, finding you reflecting on themes like security, safety, and privacy. Venus connects with Neptune on June 21, making for one of the sweetest, most romantic days of the month! A tender, sensitive mood flows. Quiet, private moments with your lovers are savored. If you’re not looking for love, this is still a powerful time for you emotionally, as a healing, unifying energy flows. Mercury retrograde ends on June 22, helping conversations move forward after a few weeks of delays and revisiting the past.

The sun connects with Jupiter on June 23, inspiring a generous, understanding, and emotionally expansive atmosphere—but Venus also opposes Pluto on this day, which may stir up jealousies and power struggles. Ask yourself whether you’re feeling smothered or controlled, and if so, bring in a third party to help neutralize the situation. The full moon in Capricorn arrives on June 24, bringing a climax concerning your career or life in public: Some reward or recognition may come your way, you may be achieving a new level of responsibility, or you might be completing an important project of some kind. Capricorn energy is all about building…what are you working toward, Aries? This full moon brings a culmination to something you’ve been tending to concerning your legacy.

Neptune retrograde begins on June 25, which may find you especially sleepy—catch up on rest! Your intuition is also strong at this time, so make time for meditation. This is a great opportunity to lean into your spiritual practice. Sweet Venus enters Leo on June 27, bringing major blessings to your love life! This is also a fantastic time for creativity. A joyous, celebratory mood flows, and Venus in Leo will likely find you going to many parties, singing and dancing your heart out. Venus in theatrical Leo could find you enjoying some drama and intrigue in your love life, too: This is an exciting time to connect with your partners as passion abounds! Venus in Leo is all about pleasure for you: What makes you feel good, Aries? Venus in Leo encourages you to proudly ask for what you need!

Good luck this month, Aries, and see you in July!