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This $18 Online Class Will Teach You 'Spirit Communication'

There’s nothing more in the Halloween spirit than talking to the dead—and Udemy will teach you how.
Talk to Ghosts with Udemy's $18 Spirit Communication Class
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If there’s one thing our Ouija board taught us, it’s that you shouldn’t mess with the dead. Are we claiming a children’s game found at Toys ‘R’ Us can open up spooky-ass dimensions to the otherside? Yes, but we’ve also seen some shit during those unsupervised slumber parties. We also blame our baggage on Ghost Hunters for playing spirit voice recordings, leaving us convinced restless spirits are desperate to chat with us. If it’s been a while since you’ve tried to contact someone beyond the veil, well, there’s no better time than October, the month culturally dedicated to all things spooky, supernatural, and terrifying.


Rather than digging out your mildewy Ouija board, why not try a more…. scholastic approach to contacting the spirit realm? Light a skull candle and hit the lights, because it’s time for class. No, really, there’s an online class just for learning how to talk to ghosts: Introduction to Communicating with Spirits ~*courtesy of Udemy~*.

$19.99$17.99 at Udemy

$19.99$17.99 at Udemy

Maybe you want to get in contact with your deceased great-grandma to ask her about her famous meatloaf recipe, start a business as a celebrity medium, or just freak out a friend who’s already annoyed by your astrology obsession. Whatever your motive, this introduction to psychic mediumship will get the job done, all for just a mere $18. We can’t guarantee it will work, but, at the very least, you’ll have a fright-filled night of seasonal fun—if your definition of “fun” is getting so scared you jump every time your phone pings. (Same.) 

The course offers over 20 modules, downloads, resources, and three hours worth of videos offering helpful tools for how to speak to the dead—just in time for Halloween. You’ll learn how mediumship works, how to give readings, how to sense ghosts and spirits, and all the other inner workings in between. With a 4.5-star rating and over 200 reviews, this class clearly has some happy alumni; (maybe) expect to see your breath crystallize, Sixth Sense-style, as you’re overcome with a chill so cold you'll dig out your North Face puffer from storage. “As a beginner, I found the course to be very informative and straight-forward,” one ghostly reviewer said. “During the meeting of your spirit guide exercise, my spirit guide came through immediately.” OoOo, spooky! “The instructors give practical advice, like the importance of practice and calming your mind.” 


And, no, you don’t need any special “gifts” to take this class. All you need is “an open, inquisitive mind ready to learn.” Yeah, we’ve got that. 

If you have to exorcize your house after this, don’t email us. 

Sign up for the Introduction to Communicating with Spirits class over at Udemy.

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