A List of Things That Lasted Longer Than Liz Truss as PM

Including but not limited to: a wet lettuce, Kim Kardashian's marriage and every single couple on "Love Island".
Ex Prime Minister Liz Truss delivers her keynote speech at the Conservative Party annual conference at the International Convention Centre in Birmingham
Photo: Jacob King/PA Images via Getty Images

Goodbye, Liz, we hardly knew ye. On the 45th day of her prime ministership, Conservative politician Liz Truss resigned from her post. After crashing the pound along with now ex-Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng during a cost-of-living crisis, prompting an exodus of Cabinet ministers and sending the markets into a panic every time she opened her mouth, Truss has girl-bossed her way into the history books to become the shortest-serving PM in British history. The runner-up – Tory PM Alec Douglas-Home, who lasted a year and a day in the 60s - didn’t even come close.


But Douglas-Home’s tenure as PM isn’t the only thing that lasted longer than Truss. Here, we collate a humble list of people, vegetables, assorted marriages and relationships that outlasted Liz.

Kim Kardashian’s famously short wedding to Kris Humphries

A pre-Kanye Kim married the former NBA player and stuck it out for 72 days. That’s 30 days longer than Liz Truss lasted.

Most hard cheeses

Unlike Liz Truss’s leadership, most cheeses actually improve with age.

The ‘Daily Star’ lettuce

Congrats to the Daily Star and the shelf life of their chosen vegetable – they picked a winner.

An uncooked ham

You can stick an uncooked ham in the freezer for up to six months, which is several months longer than Liz Truss stuck around for.

Every single Love Island finalist couple from the most recent season

Do you know who has the charisma, resilience and sticking power to be prime minister? Ekin-Su.

The Tory leadership race

It took the Conservatives seven weeks to pick their new leader, and she left after around six. What was the point, exactly?

A McDonald’s meal

When the climate crisis finally finishes us off, alien archaeologists will uncover a perfectly preserved Happy Meal in the wreckage of our civilisation. This is a legacy that Liz Truss could only dream of.

The first coronavirus lockdown

The UK lockdown in 2020 lasted from March to June. That’s almost a month longer than Liz Truss.

This season of ‘Married at First Sight’

I’m sorry, but if you couldn’t outlast a single season of the most fractious and chaotic reality TV competition, then you should dramatically scale back your political aspirations to something a bit more manageable. Part-time manager of a regional CEX, maybe.

A well-made candle

It doesn’t even have to be a particularly fancy candle. Fairly sure that one of those bog standard MUJI ones would have outlasted Truss, and would be far more pleasant to have in your home to boot.