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CBD-Curious? These Gummy Bears Are the Perfect Mellow High

Evn’s CBD gummies taste just like my favorite childhood candy, but wind me down instead of up.
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Remember when Bilbo told Gandalf that he felt old, even though he didn’t look it? (Same, king.) Like “butter scraped over too much bread”? I think bro just needed a trip to Spa Heaven and the right kind of CBD. 

There’s a cannabidiol experience for everybody these days. Unlike with weed, broad spectrum CBD doesn’t contain psychoactive THC, which means that you get all the warm and fuzzies without any of the paranoid scaries or trippy visuals (RIP to the time I ate a pot brownie at a Justice concert). I’ve tried everything from CBD pajamas to CBD lube, but when the wellness brand Evn reached out to spread the stoner gospel with its range of CBD products, I thought, Hot damn. They make CBD gummy bears now?? Were the CBD lords finally giving the people what we want? (Which is, to be clear, snackable, nostalgic CBD treats.)

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Photo Courtesy of Evn

I smashed that order button to see if Evn’s gummies would meet my expectations for that classic gummy bear taste, and the relaxing experience that I’ve come to expect from my favorite CBD products. 

What was rad

There’s a lot of CBD stuff out there. And that’s cool, but it can feel overwhelming and gimmicky at times. That’s why I really appreciate Evn’s approach to marketing and ingredient transparency; every item is in a simple, straightforward bottle with clear packaging and is made from non-GMO, organically-sourced broad spectrum hemp that has been lab tested for quality. If gummies aren’t your thing, there’s also a selection of CBD oils, salves, and capsules. Cute stuff, but we’re here for the gummies, which come in two flavors, OG and sour: 

$35 at Evn

$35 at Evn

$35 at Evn

$35 at Evn

At 10 milligrams of CBD per bear, I pounded four or five of these little lads during the afternoon. (Evn also has a guide to dosing, and recommends total n00bs take 5 milligrams/half of a bear.) I was impressed with how well Evn mastered the classic gummy bear flavor and texture; the gummies had the same matte, velveteen texture and none of the herbaceous bitterness you can sometimes find in CBD products. 

Within half an hour, I could feel the tension in my jaw loosen and my muscles relax. I wasn’t ‘stoned,’ but it felt as if every noodle in my brain took its very own bubble bath, and made a long, gratified sigh of relief. 


At its best, I think CBD should feel like getting an invisible back/soul massage every few minutes. I know that’s a tall order, but Evn’s gummies held up pretty well to my hopes; they gave me the feeling of sitting on a cloud for about two to three hours, didn’t taste like ass, and have now become as much of a staple in my tote bag as my Oakleys, microdosing mushroom capsules, and hand sanitizer. 

What was tricky

I could snack on these all day. The entire bottle would disappear in a few hours if I kept them at my desk—so I store them in our medicine cabinet or my bag to avoid depleting my whole stash.    


My highest hope was that these edible bb stoner bears would taste as good as actual gummy bears, and they came pretty damn close in both texture and flavor, with just the right amount of sweetness and none of the bitterness often found in CBD treats. Most importantly, the 10 milligram-per-bear dosage allowed me to regulate exactly how ~relaxed~ I wanted to feel (three bears=chilling; five bears=chillinggg) without ever making me feel drowsy. 

For a limited time, Evn will also be offering VICE readers 20% off with the code VICE20 at check out, so whether you’re new to CBD, a seasoned CBD-consumer, or just trying to onboard a friend or family member into the wonderful world of cannabidiol, Evn’s adorable (and tasty) gummy bears should be your next stoner pantry staple. 

Evn CBD is available for purchase here.

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