How the Supreme Court’s Abortion Decision Affects Tech and Privacy

Period tracker apps and social media collect a wealth of information on us. Would they turn it over to state authorities looking to punish people who’ve sought reproductive care?
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The Supreme Court has overturned Roe v. Wade, upsetting decades of precedent and ushering in a weird new world of conflicting laws and a lack of bodily autonomy for many women in the country. 

It’s a decision that will affect life in the U.S. in ways we’re only starting to comprehend. This week on Cyber we’re going to look at one small piece of all this: tech, data, and censorship.


With me today is Motherboard Senior Editor Samantha Cole. She’s been working on a number of stories about period tracking apps and data and she’s here to walk us through how the Roe decision is not just a blow against bodily autonomy, but also against privacy.

Stories in this episode:

The #1 Period Tracker on the App Store Will Hand Over Data Without a Warrant

Here’s What Period Tracking Apps Say They Do With Your Data

Tech Companies Won't Say If They’ll Give Cops Abortion Data

Facebook Is Banning People Who Say They Will Mail Abortion Pills

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