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Indonesians Can’t Get Over These Photos of Cats in Hijabs

Traditional Muslim wear for pets are a big hit in online stores.
Collage: VICE / Images: Courtesy of usingcloath_petswear

Everyone knows the internet loves cats. But dress them up in human clothes and the “awws” and heart emojis multiply tenfold. In Indonesia, the latest viral hit has pets dressed in traditional wear — hijab and all. 

It all started when Twitter user @txtdarionlshop posted a series of photos of cats wearing hijabs, a head covering commonly worn by many Muslim women. The tweet went viral within hours.


Based on the photos, the pet-sized veils are sold on e-commerce site Shopee Indonesia starting at around $6. And they’re getting rave reviews. 

“My cat likes it,” says one buyer, showing off a calico cat wearing a pink and turquoise gamis (matching dress and hijab). 

Online seller Fredi Lugina Priadi said that he had no idea the pet clothes had gone viral on social media. 

“I used to make Muslim costumes for male cats. But at the beginning of last Ramadan, some asked me to make the female version. So I made it,” he told VICE.

He sells his products on Shopee but also posts photos of cats in hijabs and baju koko (traditional Muslim clothing for men) on Instagram. 

While some have pointed out that the clothes may hurt the cats if done for a prolonged period of time, many Indonesian netizens can’t get enough of the viral photos. 

“The cat wore a hijab, but forgot to put on clothes,” @badlookable tweeted.

“I’m sorry ukhti (sisters), but your hair is showing!” @underwareceban3 joked.

“My cat must wear it [the hijab], so she can learn some self-control and won’t get pregnant with any male cats she meets,” @pakebismillah said, sarcastically. 

As of posting, the viral tweet of cat photos had over 3,000 likes.