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The Spoils of War: Burundi on the Brink (Dispatch 4)

The Burundian army held a press conference, showing off seized weaponry and captured fighters following last week’s clashes with armed rebels.

Burundi's crisis deepens following last week's reported clashes between an unidentified rebel group and the Burundi Defense Force in the northwestern region of Burundi. The Burundian military killed over 30 militants and captured 170, according to the army's spokesman. While the presidential vote is still scheduled for July 21, it appears President Pierre Nkurunziza now faces an apparent armed rebellion.


VICE News attended the Burundian army's press conference in the Cibitoke province, where the military showed off the weapons seized after the conflict, as well as their captives, alleged to be the rebels responsible for attacking the Burundian military.

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