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Iraq just sentenced a German woman to hang for joining ISIS

She travelled from Europe to Iraq with her two daughters.
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A German woman who joined ISIS was sentenced to death by an Iraqi court Sunday, becoming the first female foreign fighter to face capital punishment for links to the terror group.

The unnamed woman was sentenced to hang for providing logistical support to the militants and participating in attacks on security forces, said Abdul-Sattar al-Birqdar, a spokesman for Iraq’s Supreme Judicial Council in Baghdad.


The woman can appeal the sentence. Germany, which has previously called on Iraq to abolish the death penalty, has yet to comment on the case.

Al-Birqdar said the woman, of Moroccan descent, admitted she joined the terror group after traveling from Germany to Syria, then Iraq, with her two daughters. The daughters both later married ISIS fighters.

The woman was captured last year during the operation to retake the Mosul from the jihadists. Baghdad finally declared victory over the terror group in December.

The sentenced woman is one of at least four female German ISIS members held by Iraq, including Linda Wenzel, a teenager from near Dresden who ran away to join the terror group and was captured in Mosul in July.

According to Deutsche Welle, German intelligence estimates some 950 Germans have left the country to join ISIS, a fifth of them women.

A Russian Islamic State fighter was sentenced to death in Iraq last year for joining ISIS.