Future Pretends to Be Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran's Friend in Her New Video

The clip is for "End Game," which is from 'Reputation,' 2017's biggest selling album.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

It still baffles me that Taylor Swift managed to pivot from country so hard that she ended up with actual Future on one of her albums, but here we are. That album, Reputation, is the biggest selling album of 2017, and today we have the video for one of its tracks—which features Future and uhhhhhhh, Ed Sheeran. I'd hoped we could have left this in last year, but here we are.

Swift has always had an ear for a hook and "Big reputation / Big reputation / Yeah, you and me, we got a big reputation" is up there with her most catchy, but the track itself is pretty lifeless, pandering to chart trends rather than embracing Swift's clear songwriting proclivity for bright, chorus-y country-pop singles.

As far as the video is concerned, it's set in London, Tokyo, and Miami. Its content is thus: Taylor Swift dances more (bad), wears garments with hoods (bad), Ed Sheeran sits down (bad), Future is kind of there a couple of times (I have nothing negative to say about that really), Taylor Swift pretends to be fun, and it all looks very glossy, and high-budget, and fancy. There is also a yacht. See it for yourself above.

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