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Imbi the Girl's "V.I.P." Is a Musical 'Treat Yo Self'

The emerging Sydney MC's new video is full of posi-vibes, self-love, and stick n pokes.

Imbi The Girl’s “V.I.P.” is an ode to self-love, empowerment and friendship. On the track's video, the Sydney rapper presents the chilled musical and emotional equivalent of “mimosas and fine leather goods". It starts with Imbi giving herself a tattoo of 'VIP' and explaining that the song is unashamedly about her. From there it's hanging with friends, smoking ciggies, clipping toenails and having some laughs. Over some new soul/hip-hop beats Imbi's laconic vocals add a hazy and chilled charm. We sent Imbi some questions to find out more about the song and video.


Noisey: I really like the flowers in the apartment window. Is it yours?

Imbi the Girl: Oh Lord, I wish it was my apartment! It certainly is beautiful isn’t it? It's actually the residence of my dear friend and coincidentally the director of the video clip. I saw that window and immediately asked him if we could use it for some shots and (with the mum’s approval of course) we got some really pretty shots from it.

The Fight For What is Right Tattoo is cool. What was the inspiration?

I did that the day after Trump got elected. My mates and I were so devastated and I was racking my brain all night trying to think of how I could help or how I could join the protests and take action from overseas. I thought about posting some long status denouncing his legitimacy as President but you know, others said what I meant in a much more eloquent way. So I decided to show solidarity and support by leaving myself a permanent reminder to fight for what is right. Now every time someone asks about it I get to have a constructive discussion about social/political issues.

The video has a very natural vibe that even includes you clipping your toe nails! Who came up the idea/concept?

Yay! It was a combined effort in terms of brainstorming different shots but that one was actually all me. Just keeping it real and authentic. Also I never find time to clip my toenails so I was like "let’s kill two birds with one stone".

"V.I.P." is about self-love and empowerment. You seem like a confident person. Has this always been the case?

I’m definitely more confident than I used to be but (like everything) confidence is fluid. I have days where I feel like the hottest babe in babe town and then other days where I don’t want to leave the house because I can’t find something I feel comfortable to wear. It’s a process and all we can do is look out for each other and remind each other that we’re all exactly as we should be.

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