This story is over 5 years old.


MUNCHIES Guide to Norway: The City Life

In this final episode, Halaigh heads back to Oslo to hit up his favorite spots in the Norwegian capital.

Our host Halaigh starts the day with a cup of coffee at cult barista Tim Wendelboe’s eponymous cafe. Tim has long queues of coffee lovers from all over the world lining up to try his famous light-roasted brews, and Halaigh learns why coffee is considered Norway’s national drink. Refueled on trendy brews, Halaigh joins up with his boss Esben Holmboe Bang at Maaemo. Esben cooks waffles and takes Halaigh on a night out on the town in Oslo. They start off at Pjoltergeist, a restaurant located in an old Hell’s Angels clubhouse, where the chefs serve some of the most progressive cooking in the Norwegian capital—from pig’s heads to cod’s tongue. Halaigh wraps up the night at Kniven, a bar dedicated to all things black metal and quality beer.