The Host Takeover Is Here in the New 'Westworld' Trailer

Or is it?
February 5, 2018, 6:48pm

HBO released a new trailer for Westworld during the Super Bowl on Sunday, and it looks like Dolores will lead the human-slaying rampage next season.

"We built this world together… this world where dreams come true," Dolores says, as beautiful images of western landscapes give way to the total mayhem happening behind the scenes. "But this world is a lie. This world deserves to die." Then she gets down to business laying waste to her Delos masters.


The minute-long trailer gives us plenty of glimpses at returning characters—Maeve, Hector, Clementine, and Jeffrey Wright's Bernard, among others—and hints at a massive host rebellion in the new season. But the brief clip leaves us with a lot more questions than answers. Specifically, who's that creepy, Slenderman-looking bot lurking behind Arnold? And why is Dolores dressed up in modern clothes? Does she escape the park to the outside world?

We never got to see the larger world in season one, even though Maeve came dangerously close to venturing outside the park in the finale, so it's likely that we'll get a peek at the larger world this time around. Fans have long-speculated about what is going on outside—or if the show is even set on our world at all. One brief moment in the trailer appears to take place inside a modern apartment, but judging by the way some of the guests freeze like hosts, this might just be set in a previously unseen portion of the park like a 21st century-inspired Nostalgia World.

It's important to note also that the entire trailer could just be a misdirection by the Westworld creators, because some of the footage was shot exclusively for the Super Bowl spot and won't appear in the season, according to Hollywood Reporter. That likely refers to those scenic vista shots, which could be a pretty nice addition to the interactive new Westworld website but feel pretty incongruous with where season two appears to be heading. But who knows? We shouldn't put it past Westworld co-creator Jonah Nolan to shoot a bunch of fake scenes for the trailer just to mess with his audience.

We'll have to wait until the new season premieres on April 22 to know what's really going on. Until then, watch the full trailer above.

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