WATCH: Adorable Baby Deer Gets Lost, Strolls into Italian Bakery

It seems confused by all the bread.
Phoebe Hurst
London, GB

Two inescapable truths: baby animals are—aside from a few exceptions—adorable and freshly baked bread is delicious. Both appealing for different reasons, both gifts from the universe to make up for all the not-so-good stuff, like PMS, dental fillings, and men who disagree with women online using sentences that start with "Well, actually … "

This week, the universe delivered a bumper gift: a union of baby animal and baked good, in the form of a young fawn that wandered into a bakery in Italy. As in, an actual IRL Bambi, pattering its little feet among the bags of flour and crusty ciabatta.

Animal welfare officer Antonella Di Mascio was privy to this special moment. Called to a bakery in the small town of Ortona in Abruzzo at around 7.45 AM on Thursday, she found the lost fawn standing in the middle of the room, looking nervously at the shelves of freshly baked loaves. In the video of the moment she later uploaded to Facebook, the fawn stays very still before it appears to begin panting.

As Italian news website The Local reports, the deer is thought to have found its way to the bakery from a nearby woodland. A vet checked the animal over and found it to be in good health, albeit slightly stunned from having so many humans staring at it while brandishing iPhones. It was later returned to the wild by forest rangers.

Let's hope the little guy steers clear of humans in the future, no matter how enticing their baking smells. We need not mention what happened to Bambi's mother.