Snail Mail's Lindsey Jordan Is the Guitar Hero We Deserve on "Heat Wave"

The song is taken from Snail Mail's upcoming debut full length 'Lush,' due June 8 via Matador.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

Back in January, Lindsey Jordan of Snail Mail told Noisey that her band's upcoming album (Lush, out June 8) was "totally a guitar rock record," with lots of fleshed-out riffs, giving her room to flex her considerable muscles as a guitarist. Fast forward to now—as we're finally hearing a selection of tracks from that album—and it's evident that she meant what she said.

Today Snail Mail release "Heat Wave," one of Lush's standout tracks both for its shreddy guitar parts, and its forlorn lyrics (listen to the repeated refrain "I'm not into sometimes" and feel tiny bits break off your heart each time it's sung). The song's a great example of Snail Mail's mix of emotional vulnerability and openness, and musical bombast. Meanwhile, its music video, which sees Jordan playing ice hockey with her demons, wearing a pretty nifty jersey while she does it, conveys the considerable sense of humor behind the songwriting, too. Watch and listen above, and get stoked for June 8.

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