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Dua Lipa and Calvin Harris' New Collab Is Summoning the Sun

"One Kiss" might not be a banger scaling the heights of "Slide" or "Feels," but it is a fun reminder that summer edges closer.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

The UK has officially had one day of good weather and now, well, it's summer isn't it? Maybe last night you gave the almost-rusty BBQ in your garden a rub down ready for the coming months ("you can't get tetanus from cooking on it, right?"), perhaps you sank a can in an outdoor location playing music tinnily off your phone, hope building in your chest for what might await you. Summer, init.

Maybe one of the songs you played off that cracked-screen iPhone 6 in the park by your house was "Slide" by Calvin Harris, featuring Frank Ocean and Migos. It's one of the most optimistic songs in recent memory, and to be honest, over the past year or so, Calvin Harris has been steadily releasing music that sounds like it was designed for driving down a sunny, open road with all your windows down to. It's been a pretty good run, you have to admit, and today, he's back with another one, helping to summon the sun back, accompanied by Dua Lipa.

And though "One Kiss" doesn't quite reach the quietly euphoric heights of a number of the moments from Funk Wav Bounces Vol 1, it does conjure up its summery vibe (and potentially hints at a Vol 2 to come this year) with its 90s-ish house-y piano and horns, and Dua Lipa's vocal, hitting at the mid-range of the mix, is just catchy enough to get you tapping a foot. Give it a listen above and probably stare out of the window longingly, thinking of tins, and grass, and the smell of charred sausages in the air.

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