Daphni Shares Rousing New Track from Upcoming 'FABRICLIVE 93' Mix

"Tin" is the latest single to be released off the Canadian producer's forthcoming 27-track session, entirely comprised of his own material.
June 13, 2017, 4:42pm
Photo by Thomas Neukum.

Caribou's Dan Snaith shared a vigorous new track under his Daphni alias today, off the project's forthcoming FABRICLIVE93 mix. "Tin" is one of the whopping 23 unreleased tracks that will be featured in the session, which will consist entirely of unreleased material and edits.

The track is in signature Snaith style, built around the dramatic interplay between a skipping vocal sample and a tense, waxing-and-waning chord sequence. Meanwhile, a sly UK garage shuffle gives "Tin" its sense of throttling momentum, bouncily punctuated by a distorted tom motif that pans back and forth across the mix.

Along with FABRICLIVE93 tracks "Face to Face" and "Xing Tian," "Tin" will also be released via Snaith's own Jiaolong imprint on a 12" entitled JIAOLONG019.

FABRICLIVE93 will be released on July 21, and is available for pre-order; JIAOLONG019 will be released on July 28 and is also available for pre-order. "Tin" is available for purchase on a standalone track on Bandcamp.

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