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Dazzling 3D Monoliths Invade Japanese Cities and Landscapes

Shigeki Matsuyama combines real images with CG artworks, using WWI dazzle painting techniques.
Images courtesy the artist

Using early 20th century dazzle painting techniques originally employed to disguise World War I battleships, Japanese artist Shigeki Matsuyama regularly creates art that borders on optical illusion. The most ambitious application of this style was his 2016 exhibition Dazzle Room, in which a room, a giant female sculpture, pillows, and a female performance artist were painted in the style. Matsuyama is now merging dazzle painting technique with motion graphics, combining iPhone 7 still and moving images with monolithic CG objects situated in Japanese cities and rural landscapes.


The first work in Matsuyama's series Object was a still image of a giant ovoid-shaped CG dazzle object in the middle of a rain-soaked Shibuya street. Next, Matsuyama placed a many-faceted object in suspension over a small artificial pond, and then a towering dazzle sphere over MIT in Boston. Matsuyama then started posting variations on the dazzle sphere rolling down Shibuya streets—all of them, again, shot on an iPhone. Adding to this collision between the real and the fantastically unreal are field recordings of the city and countryside combined with sounds of the CG objects rolling on streets and country roads.

"My new work, Object, presented using social networking, is based on the notion that an 'object' is something that doesn't really exist but can be seen," Matsuyama tells Creators. "[It] is meant to poke fun at this current era where a majority of communication happens over social networking services. I took real photos and video myself and then created the synthesized 'object' using 3D CG technology."

Stay tuned to Matsuyama's Instagram page for the latest surreal dazzle object invasions.


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