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Michael Phelps to Race a Great White for Shark Week

It could be even more entertaining than Mayweather vs. McGregor.
Rob Schumacher—USA TODAY Sports and Wikimedia Commons

Someone wise once said, "Live every week like it's Shark Week." Well, the pot-smokingest merman alive, Michael Phelps, pretty much lives by that maxim—cutting through the water like he's got rows of 300 teeth ready to chomp down on his ass. And now, apparently, the man who holds 39 world records and 23 gold medals is going to actually have a great white shark come at him. In a race of sorts.

It's unclear how the setup will actually go down (it would be helpful if there was, say, glass between them), but the Discovery Channel is going to pit Phelps vs. shark against each other for their annual "Shark Week." Their press release says that the battle is going down on July 23rd.

Sure, this is gimmicky as hell, and a quick Google search can tell you that a shark—spurned by tens of millions of years longer of water-based evolution—could absolutely smoke the fuck out of Phelps. (Great Whites max out at 25 mph, compared to Phelps' paltry 6 mph.) But this is fun. Why not? Shark Week has already squeezed so many lemons dry that it's a silly experiment.

Anyway, Phelps seems pretty hyped on it, as he posted a photo of him hovering around a shark cage that he was observing the competition from. Seems like it's been a dream of his for a while now:

We've yet to find out how Phelps fared against the shark (I hope you're not betting on Phelps, people), but watching two sea creatures go at it should be a good time. Hell, it may even be more entertaining than Mayweather vs. McGregor.