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Yankees Fan and A's Fan He Threw Beer at Are Friends Now

The New York Yankees fan made up for his dick move to the Oakland A's fan by giving him drinks the proper way—on a night out in Brooklyn.
Screen capture via Instagram/@criscrakk 

Yesterday, on a certain website, a headline ran that said "Yankees Fans Are Dicks Again," after a few fans ruined what should have been a sportsmanlike end to a blowout Wild Card win by the Yankees over the A's. While that still stands, there have been some developments that have helped Yankees fans save grace. Namely: the dude who threw a beer on an A's fan took him for a night out in Brooklyn.

From the get-go, things seemed to play out as another act of sports fan douchebaggery. This following video cycled around the internet, condemning a whole fanbase to negative stereotypes. And it's pretty understandable as to why:


Just completely uncalled for.

Maybe the beer-throwing guy got a big response immediately and felt bad before the stands cleared—or maybe he did it on his own volition—but in either event, it seems Yankees dude at least tried to make amends by asking A's dude if he's alright. Even if he did call the dyed-haired white dude "Ninja" (as in, you know, Ninja):

But what followed would later become the stuff of legends.

It seems that the same apparatus that brought infamy upon the beer-throwing Yankees fan also held a mirror up to him, and connected him with his beer-soggy victim. So the Yankees fan extended an olive branch, and brought him out for a night on the town, seemingly the next night, if the time stamps were live:

The narrative arc is glorious. We go from the miffed A's fan at the stadium, to the internet backlash on Yankees fan's timeline, to the first awkward drink and side hug, to a little seat dancing with hookah, to eating drunk food, to swigging from the bottle-service bottle, to a much friendlier cheers, to our A's fan in tatters, dancing with some lady at the club. New York hospitality at its finest.

Not all internet-based trolling and shaming ends well. But this is an example of the very best result. Almost makes you want a stranger to douse you with a beer.