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Women Are Running for Office for Reasons Beyond Trump

In the first episode of VICE News's She's Running series, women candidates like Pearl Kim demonstrate how they're running on platforms that go beyond resisting Trump.

As a record number of women are running for office across the country, many have explained the shift as a reaction to the Trump Administration, but each of these women has their own motivations for running, and not all of them are related to the presidency.

One of these candidates, Pearl Kim, 39, is running for the fifth congressional district in Pennsylvania as a Republican. The daughter of South Korean immigrants, Kim says her idea of the American dream was public service. While she respects voters, she says she "had some concerns" after President Trump's election, but was ultimately motivated to run for office by the #MeToo movement after her own congressman, Pat Meehan, was caught up in his own sexual harassment scandal and decided not to seek reelection. If elected, Kim will be the first Korean-American woman to serve in Congress.

As part of She's Running, a four-part series following women candidates running for election in 2018, VICE News sits down with Kim and candidates Anna Eskamani, Deidre DeJear, and Morgan Zegers, who, like men running for office, are running because of the issues that speak to them. Each of them highlights the nuances of their platforms and motivations for running—whether they are rooted in the Trump Administration or not.