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Surprise! Canada's Billionaires Are Nearly All Men

Forbes doesn’t name a single woman among Canada’s 45 billionaires.
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 The Irving brothers in 1987. Photo via Scott Perry/Canadian Press

The Forbes list of billionaires is out, so we here at VICE Canada decided to take a look at it and, surprise, surprise, nearly all those rich-as-can-be fuckers are men.

According to the Forbes list, Canada is home to 45 billionaires who are slumming it with the rest of us in the Great White North. Within that list of people who have almost assuredly no idea how common people act, Forbes lists no woman.


However, at least one woman, Sherry Brydson, is among Canada’s richest people. Brydson is of the primary shareholders of the Woodbridge Company—the company where the Thomson wealth is held. Brydson is worth, according to Bloomberg, $7.64 billion due to the fact she is the granddaughter of Roy Thomson. She didn’t get her own spot on the list though because the entire Thompson family, which is worth a total of $32.5 billion, took the top spot as a conglomerate. Booooo!

If Brydson was on her own she would be the fourth richest person in Canada. (There are several other “man’s name + family” entries on Forbes’ list, but it doesn’t break down how much money any of the women in the family are worth.)

Frankly, the mere fact that billionaires exist in the modern world at the same time as brutal poverty worldwide is one of the grossest blotches on our society and I suppose the fact most of them are men just darkens that stain.

Anyhoo, carrying on, there were some new faces on the list, mainly those involved in e-commerce. The youngest is Peter Szulczewski, the 37-years-old CEO of Wish—a Chinese app that connects users to Chinese merchants selling products on the cheap—and is worth $1.4 billion, making him 34th out of 45 Canadian billionaires. There was also the CEO of Shopify, Tobi Lutke, who is worth a whopping $1.6 billion at the age of 38—he comes in at 30th. Isn’t that fun!

Meanwhile, times are pretty darn trying for the majority of Canadians. The Canadian Press just reported that bankruptcies are on the rise in Canada especially among seniors who saw their delinquency rate raise over 7 percent, wages have stagnated something fierce, and student debt, as always, is on the rise.

Burn it down.

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