Today's Comic by Aniruddh Menon

'Untitled': Today's Comic by Aniruddh Menon

We dive into the grim world of this Bengaluru-based artist, musician and filmmaker who has created a visceral process of domestication.
February 11, 2019, 8:30am

In 'Comics!', we explore the works of some of the most exciting artists and illustrators from the subcontinent just to remind us that, sometimes, words aren't enough. In the second of this fortnightly series, we get into the world of Bengaluru-based artist, filmmaker and musician Aniruddh Menon. He created this comic for the first edition of Ecomixer on Brainded, along with Sandhya Visvanathan, an illustrator, writer and musician, on the theme of ecosystems. "I started thinking of domestication as a process within ecosystems that is attached with my story," the 25-year-old tells me. "The comic looks the way it does because I decided to adopt a process that would allow me to complete the comic in the given time: hence pencils on yellow paper." Menon likes stories, music, filmmaking and "can draw if I have to".


The 25-year-old is also part of Consolidate, a collective of musicians in Bengaluru. He doesn't make many comics but often works on old experiments with "sequential art from college. "But it's not a primary medium of work for me. I want to make more in the future, but there's always a lot of things to do," he says.


'Untitled' was first published on Brainded India. Menon is yet to churn out Part II of this story. You can follow the progress of his work—art, music or otherwise—on Instagram.